The Test

Written by DS on . Posted in AE Stories

The TestForeword Space is a dangerous place. The fleet is the hammer that strikes into the darkness to enforce order in chaos. There is much glory to be found, but there is also much death, especially among those who bear the brunt of the assault.  On the world of Prime, the fate of both local Primers and L…

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The Fall of Cybele by Schrödinger

Written by Schradinger on . Posted in AE Stories

The Fall of Cybele by SchrödingerAdmiral Archibald couldn’t believe this. They seemed to have popped out of nowhere. A thousand Leviathans… Enough to blast away every habited planet of the Empire ten times over, Archibald deliberated over the thought. But a thousand Leviathans? Archibald still couldn’t shake off the idea that this was all just a hoax. Some dream. And this huge fleet hadn’t even registered on the scanners until alpha proximity alert was triggered. By then, the enemy was already in-system. It was far too late. As though to reassure him how real this was, a lance of photonic energy shot right through the death star. The entire moon-sized behemoth cringed under the impact. The shield went into overload within a millisecond. The ship AI reported hull breach in sector 49 through to 75, but overall structural integrity retained, for now. Archibald was thrown across the bridge. He thought he felt something wet behind his head.…

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A Day in the Life of a Pirate

Written by Primus du Arcanum on . Posted in AE Stories

A Day in the Life of a PirateI got my ship the same way most pirates get theirs, "inherited" from the previous captain.  Captain Johns was a pickle of a man, craggy face full of warts, with a sour personality to match.  God rest his soul.  Only time I ever missed him was when I needed the control codes to ship.  It was a pain reinstalling the operating system, but well worth having command over the ship.  The HMS Redoubt is the finest of the line...that is, when she was built.  The Reddy, as she's called by the crew, (I once tried to get them to call it "The Ready" to signify she was always ready, but it didn't take.  Pirates, what can you say, have no sense of style.) is an over-thrusted destroyer.  She's undergone several...alterations...over the years, and not the finest work. Originally captured as a "prize" during a successful raid of a shipyard in a back-water planet, she had already seen the measure of her years.  Sold to the lord of the system for what I'm sure was a "very good price", she was well past her prime and ready for retirement.  But starships aren't cheap, even ones that aren't capable of extra galactic travel.  So I'm sure that's why she was in the shipyard for the thirteenth time undergoing a refit and repairs when she was captured, lucky for us, unlucky for them.…

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Memories of a death star

Written by Parham Gharavaisi on . Posted in AE Stories

Memories of a death star I am what people call a legend, I am what people call a god, I am what people call a demon. People call me many things, I don't care. I know what I am, I'm neither a legend nor a god. I'm a human, a captain. I am the captain of a Death Star! A ship that only the most strongest of men, can set foot on. A ship that only the strongest of men can build. A ship that is as large as a moon and as powerful as a god. A ship that can devour planets, like suns. In my life, I have experienced many thing. Saw the fall of many empires and kings. Truly, everything has an end. My name is Captain Victor Angelo, people call me the Angel of Death! For so long, I've commanded my Death Star. It's not only my spaceship but also my brother. I've never had a brother, I've never had a family!…

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The Last Defense

Written by Merlain on . Posted in AE Stories

The Last Defense"All crew members to your battle stations!" ordered the captian over the intercom. Startled awake, Kevin rolled out of bed, threw on his pilot gear, and ran down to the hanger, wondering what could be going on. When he got there a view of complete chaos could be seen from the hanger platform. Maintanence and pilots were rushing around everywhere, bustling to get the ships in flying condition. And the new fleet seen through the deflector shield didn't look friendly. "What's going on!?" Kevin yelled to a nearby pilot, after jumping down from the platform. "We're being attacked by MERC!" the pilot shouted in reply.…

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