To kill a battleship

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To kill a battleshipAs she sat, she thought, her eyes looking out into the abyss of space and at the fleet around her. Maxine sat at the command of the Leviathan class ship, Unity,  of the Brotherhood of Nod.  Her green eyes drifted down to the control console, she pushed aside a bit of her long brown hair with her hand, then read the orders. There was a fleet in the galaxy that needed to be taken down, Her fleet was the one who got the orders, so she leaned back.Unsure of what to do, her face showed the uncertainty that was around her, as she looked a bit pale, not that she was that dark toned to begin with. She stood walking towards the front, “We have received orders to take down a fleet that our leader wants gone from this galaxy, we’re going to launch tomorrow at 0500 sharp, I expect everything to be ready by then” she said with a tone of strength and certainty. She walked over to the logistics officer and spoke to him in a calm tone, “the coordinates will be given to you shortly, i sent them to your console through the interface...” Her voice had wavered a bit. She walked from the bridge to her room, a short walk as it was not that far for her. She lay on her bed, and fell asleep. …

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Infil(traitor)My guild has sent me on a mission to spy on another guild, and its risky but i'm doing it. I'll be entering another guild and monitoring them and sending back the info to my guild. Week 1I have succesfully entered the guild with no hitches and for now i am getting base locations off their trade talk, but i have had to give away my own base locataions in the process. If i get found out i will be occupied.…

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Expedition: Atlantis (Just Another Day At The Office, Part 4)

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Expedition: Atlantis (Just Another Day At The Office, Part 4)(Author’s note: if you haven’t read the earlier parts of this story, you should read that first before enjoying this story. Start with “Just Another Day At The Office”. --- “Ahhh.” Sam sighed contentedly. “It feels like forever since I’ve enjoyed one of these!”. “Glad you are enjoying it, Sam. There aren’t that many left, so we only break them out for special occasions.” “I’m honored, then! Cheers!” Sam thrust his can outward and then took another long sip of his OtraCerveza, relishing the taste and texture he hadn’t experienced in many weeks. Otra was pretty much the best beer out there, too. Their catchy slogan, “it’s always time for an OtraCerveza!” was a pun in itself, as “otra cerveza” literally meant “another beer” in one of the languages spoken on their planet Cestus 3.…

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Those Other Times

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Those Other TimesDay 1:A home. A planet.I’m chief engineer and overseer for this expedition… We arrived here by outpost ship. The trip took its toll on some of us but enough of us made it to make a new home.Day 7:Trouble at the fields, which is to say we have, ran out of space.The emperor paid for the next few terraformer devices but eventually we are going run up too much cost for space.Tomorrow when the terraformer is built we will start building more shipyards.…

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