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25_trailor_01My guild has sent me on a mission to spy on another guild, and its risky but i'm doing it. I'll be entering another guild and monitoring them and sending back the info to my guild.

Week 1
I have succesfully entered the guild with no hitches and for now i am getting base locations off their trade talk, but i have had to give away my own base locataions in the process. If i get found out i will be occupied.

Week 2
Learning of large fleet movments inside the guild, they are massing up to attack my old guild, the one i am spying for. Informed them of the attack and they massed up on defenses and fleet, just in time to watch their enemies burn.

Week 3
The guild is requesting i help in the next attacks but i cannot as that would be attacking my friends! I got my friends to destroy my fleets so i could not participate until the next attack, at the expense of my first Battleship.

Week 4
I had to attack this time but since i had informed them, they suffered only minor losses and struck back! They had to attack me to avoid suspition. I destroyed the fleets and now i am spying once again.

Week 5
Distrubing talk of a new weapon in development called a Disruptor. I "aquired" some plans for it but could not make any sense of it so i sent it back to my guilds tech guy and he is working on it right now. Don't like the sound of this thing.

Week 6
I found out what the Disruptor does and its not pretty. It changes the structure of the molecules in the effected area and they just fall apart! They tested it on a "Traitor" today and his head just fell away! It would be devastating i must warn my friends before they can use this, this monster...

Week 7
They used the Disruptor. It just vaporised my friend fleets, not a ship was left.

Week 8
They said leviathan today and I had to see it for myself. It was huge! Such a large vesssel shouldn't be able to get to orbit nevermind travel space! If this was used correctly it would spell the end of us all, The entir galaxy would collopse into war. Their previous crimes where dismissed as romour, but this can't be covered up, its just to big.

Week 9
We have a plan to end this once and for all. The disruptor is in my hands and I will use it against its creators. I have fleets to protect each of their bases and next week I shall rejoin my brothers and destroy the enemy once and for all...

Week 10
They saw it coming. My Friends betrayed me and left me to die in the enemies hands, but they accepted me and helped me back onto my feet. Time to take down those Treacherous Dogs!

Week 11
Our Leviathans Ripped their bases apart, one even becoming nothing more than some blackened rocks. They will pay for their treason with blood, until they stop bleeding.

Week 12
We continued our genocidal campaign against those who I once called my brothers. They begged us to stop or to leave their planets alone and just to take their fleets, but we burned them, burned them all.

Week 13
I have realised that what I seek to achieve is against what I started this fight for, our freedom from these overlords.

Week 14
I have produced a Deathstar, and as i watched my friends quiver in fear, I wiped out my enemies who though me as a friend. I have joined the Revolution my brothers and we will fight for our freedom, as long as we can still bleed.

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