A New Day

Written by Blood Raven on . Posted in AE Stories

Today has been a good day. I just finished filing the last bit of paper work for my recent project on the LaserAmplification project. It had been a long 12 years but, finally, it was completed. Now the Grand Battle Fleet of the empire would be able to rain their scarlet fire at even longer ranges with more wattage.

For just a second, I felt a twinge of regret, If I had applied for military service I could have seen the galaxy, met knew people, then blown them up… As the recruiting posters said.

But such a life was not for me. I even, albeit very briefly, considered a career as a politician, maybe I could have helped fix the administration and prevent the cascade of shortages, inefficiencies and trade route failures of the past few years. But, no, I was BORN to be a Scientist.

Arriving at my office I sigh, and put my coat on the hangar behind the door. Sitting down I snap my fingers to turn the Holo Desk on, and examine my new assignment.  Strange, it appears to be an account by the crew of the Dresden a Cormugant- Class Cruiser. 
Yet it makes no sense! Their scanner records show an unidentified vessel jumping out of Warp, INSIDE the nearby planet’s gravity well! It’s just not possible! Research has shown that it requires more energy than the Annihilation planets of  a Titan- Class vessel, and even then it only pushes the re- entry envelope .95 Light Minutes in- system. 
This unknown ship simply appeared more then 3 Light minutes in- system! It then proceeds to ignore the shielding on the Cruiser and hammer it into pieces in seconds! With what appears to be MISSILES? This can’t be real, can it?
After all, EVERYONE knows that the empire has the best technology in the universe, what monstrosity could have done this? The only race to ever exceed the empire were the Drekons and…. Oh, crap. NOW I know why this report is on my screen. 
Reluctantly, I stand, and walk over to the safe hidden in the corner of the room, inserting my hand into the Nano- Lock I peer into it’s dark depths as I with- draw the antique data storage device that is the only item with- in the safe.
Turning back to the Holodesk, I plug the only report ever compiled on the Drekon Psyche into the Holodesk and I begin my research. The empire must know what they plan, what they intend to do!
I can only pray that this isn’t the precursor to another invasion, because the ship that killed the Dresden appeared to be no bigger than a CORVETTE. 

Story sent by Blood Raven for the AE Stories event. Image belongs to New Hourse Art.