Empire’s Last Stand

Written by Thomas Mallia on . Posted in AE Stories

Empire’s Last StandLong years had passed; the galactic federation of planets was meeting to decide the fate of the entire universe. All the delegates of the federation, leaders of several guilds came in their vast armies to the neutral zone; titans and Leviathans coming in from different galaxies all to determine what…

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Fight at Candara’an

Written by Deimnos on . Posted in AE Stories

Fight at Candara’anThe blue holo-screens flickered with representations of star systems, star-routes, information on planets, fleets, projected vectors for friendly forces as well as the ominous crimson patterns that meant only one thing: possible enemy intrusion paths, ship and number estimations as well as tactical approaches. And much of the vital information about the enemy was still incomplete or completely missing in some areas. As Admiral Ka’chun turned his gaze from the screen to address the room, he was quite aware that everybody had noticed the missing portions of data. And how could they not notice it? It was a staple of every briefing since the beginning of the conflict with The Collective, over 17 months ago. Information was sketchy at best, although the data they managed to collect over the months of combat was starting to form into a worrisome image.…

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Rek'narash Part 2 : The Downfall

Written by Ory on . Posted in AE Stories

Rek'narash Part 2 : The Downfall (Author’s note: if you haven’t read the earlier parts of this story, you should read that first before enjoying this story. Start with "Rek'narash : Arrival”. --- An alarm went off in the room as the hologram shifted to reveal a fair amount of the blob’s size had disappeared and re-appeared on the border of Grilja’s system. Half a dozen people around the hologram had started running to their stations to see what was going on. “What happened?” questioned the commander.“I… I don’t know, sir. A large number of ships just appeared on the edge of the system. They jus-… They’re jumping again. Four hundred strong. Three targets per defensive platform.” “Dammit. Relay it to the other platforms and the fleet. We’re under attack.” Barked the commander, an order that was relayed almost instantly to the rest of the orbit. “Where are they?”…

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The Ticonderoga

Written by I eat meat on . Posted in AE Stories

The Ticonderoga"200,000Crs!! Where do you expect me to get that Jim?” said Chief financial officer Bobby Cruse. “You know that goods account for almost half of our expenditures! We have been preparing for s big buy for some time now and this is that time!” replied Fleet Commander Jim Tapper.“Fine fine, I’ll move some things around you can go ahead and order it tomorrow. I know you have been planning this all weekend but now you have gone and made my day, I mean we will be paying off this thing for months.” Retorted Bobby violently.…

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More than just metal

Written by Green on . Posted in AE Stories

More than just metalSixty seconds to launch. The Captain's warning repeats in my head as if it was still echoing around inside my helmet. I mute my mic to curse and try to steady my hands and warm my quickly icing blood, knowing just how futile the effort is. It's the same every time, those last few seconds, watching the hangar doors creep open as the surrounding shields flicker and finally clear the path into empty space. This is when the carrier is most exposed and vulnerable, when a single well-placed shot could take out the entire wing, all of us strapped in and securely clamped to the deck rails. In these last few seconds, there are so many things that could go wrong, with the final result always the same. I die in my seat, with no way to stop it. That's what gives me the shakes.…

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