Rise of the machine

Written by McKenzie Zobrist on . Posted in AE Stories

Rise of the machineThroughout the ages, even in the most populous and richest of empires, poverty has lurked in the background like a terminal disease. In the Moiser arm of galaxy WXS 50 poverty has become a normal part of life. On the asteroid base of Liberion many of the inhabitants struggle daily just to survive in…

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How it all began...

Written by SamTheDestroyer on . Posted in AE Stories

How it all began...(Only recoverable texts from Mr. Drew's Diary. Dated 2300 years before this friday). With the sound of clamps release, we said our last goodbyes to the planet below. Capital to the empire that billions have called home. Our shuttle began it's desent towards the Ticonderoga. The Ticonderoga, a Vigorous-class colony ship, was to be home to over 8,000 people forthe next 18 months.…

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Coleman and the Argo: Chapter 1

Written by Admiral John King on . Posted in AE Stories

Coleman and the Argo: Chapter 1Trade Route 3:Embarked: (N24:52:XX:XX) Designated: Outpost GammaDestination: (N24:23:XX:XX) Designated: Manufactorum Captain Adam Coleman stood on the bridge, hands behind his back, eyes surveying the carnage he had wrought. The molten wreckage of the Dreadnaught-class monster of a ship floating out in space before him, well, it glowed like a god-damned christmas tree. Except for Adam the only gift he’d get from under it would be a jail sentence. If he was lucky.…

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The Price of Freedom

Written by Erex Malren on . Posted in AE Stories

The Price of FreedomI was on a system patrol as ordered it wasn’t anything fun or what I look forward to, but it was what was needed. “Theta 1, form up on me” I said. “Theta 1, do you copy? Theta 1 Do you ready me?” I look behind me and I see Theta 1’s ships remains, how didn’t I hear it nor my squad? How did he get attacked without my scanners picking up something?…

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Deported: An Astro Empires Comedy

Written by DEUS EX on . Posted in AE Stories

Deported: An Astro Empires ComedyWithin the Argon Cluster there are 2 Empires, 879 System States, 345 Trading Guilds, 987 Free Commonwealths, and an estimated 150,000 colonies. Illegal immigration is a problem. This is because of the constant flux of settlers between colonies which given the lack of a single unified governmental body for the entire Argon Cluster creates a situation where at any given time the total population for any planet consists of at least 12% illegal immigrants living without citizenship for the regional autonomous authority.…

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