The Price of Freedom

Written by Erex Malren on . Posted in AE Stories

bomberI was on a system patrol as ordered it wasn’t anything fun or what I look forward to, but it was what was needed. “Theta 1, form up on me” I said. “Theta 1, do you copy? Theta 1 Do you ready me?” I look behind me and I see Theta 1’s ships remains, how didn’t I hear it nor my squad? How did he get attacked without my scanners picking up something? “Command HQ, we have a problem” The radio was dead, I couldn’t hear anything but static crackling on the comms. What is going on? “Theta Squadron form up on me,” “This is Theta 2, rodger that sir”. “Theta 3, I copy”. “Theta 4, I got something on mem, I have confirmed missile lock, I need back up now!”. “This is Theta Leader we are forming up on you, Theta 2 get that missile.” “Roger that, 250 meters and closing, 200 meters, 150, 100, Auto Cannons are firing. It’s a confirmed hit sir.” “Thanks Theta 2, you saved my ass yet again.” “I know, this is the third time this week;” says Theta 2. When they report back they gave Commander Mar the bad news, his son is dead.” And they were deployed to the Outer Rims, where the battles have been raging for months.

Two weeks later the famous Sobani fleet was crippled in orbit of Veira, all ships were either destroyed in combat, or broke apart when they dropped out of warp.

Two Hours before Battle of Veira

Navigation Officer Aran ‘Navi’ walks over to Commander Mar:“Commander Mar, a unknown fleet is incoming; its going to drop out of warp at Vector Coordinates X12, X14, X40; sir what do we do we are heavily out numbered.” After hearing this Commander Mar knew he had to make a choice stay and fight or retreat. Commander Mar has never retreated from a battle, ever. Commander Mar gets on the com channel “All Hands on deck report to your battlestations, I hate to inform you but we for the first time are outnumbered, but we must hold this system, if we fail then we fail the Empire. We must proceed as if the Queen is here and protect her to the end. We will not survive this battle so I’m going to give you the option, you may leave the system and I won’t hold it against you, many of you have families, many of you will never see your children, but for those who want to protect the Taiidan Empire’s honor, then join me in combat, and earn your honor, and become legends to go down through Taiidan History.”

As Commander Mar closes the Comm He thinks of Theta Squadron who were deployed in the Outer Rims. His son Theta 1 died, and all he had left was his 3 year old daughter on the planet of Veira. He was going to fight till the end. As Commander Mar looks out the port holes to see the fleet, he noticed something, not a single ship has evacuated, all the fighters were deployed ready for combat. 2 minutes later would be the last battle the Sobani Fleet will ever experience. 

Sevrn fleets drop out of warp, and request a Secure channel “This is commander Sir’veia, surrender the planet to the Sevrn Empire, and you will all live, failure to do so, will be unwise, for your sake. As I am well aware of our friendship Commander Mar, which is why I’m giving you a chance to leave.” Commander Mar gets on the Transmission “I will never surrender and you know that so why give me an option?” “That was an unwise decision.” 

Commander Sir’veia replied. Commander Mar looks out again and sees the fighters moving into position and he listens to the chatter. “Ceti Wing moving in, lets keep those missiles off the Heavy cruisers” Ceti Squadron moves in for missile protection. The Sevrn Fleet was composed entirely of Frigates, and fighters. “ Bravo -2 I’m taking damage please respond” [Static] The comms go dead and the Heavy cruisers start to take damage. Commander Mar sends a transmission to his daughter. “Sweetheart?” “yes daddy, are you in a battle?” “yes Aria, I am, I have to go, I need to distract the fleet and draw them away from planet.” “NO daddy please don’t go daddy I need you!” “Aria you remind me of your mother, the most beautiful flowing hair, I’m sorry this is the last time you may ever talk to me, your my most prized treasure” Commander Mar starts cry. “Commander your orders” – ‘Navi’ yells. “Jump to warp draw them away from the planet”

“Sir we won’t survive the jump, conduits on deck six through 12 have blown, deck 5 is venting atmosphere, and our shields are at 12 percent, we need at least 20% shield integrity to survive a jump.” Commander Mar snaps “What did I say you are willing to talk back to your commanding officer, All Sobani Fleet prepare for warp”. As the ships one by one jump to warp, the enemy fleet follows them, but what happens to the Sobani Fleet is unknown. Some believe the Sobani fleet broke apart in trans-warp and is scattered through the stars, some say that the Sobani fleet has been in warp ever since, but what is known is the planet Veira survived the attacks to come, and Aria has no family left. That was the price for her freedom.

Story sent by Erex Malren or the AE Stories event.