Empire’s Last Stand

Written by Thomas Mallia on . Posted in AE Stories

41 empire_01Long years had passed; the galactic federation of planets was meeting to decide the fate of the entire universe. All the delegates of the federation, leaders of several guilds came in their vast armies to the neutral zone; titans and Leviathans coming in from different galaxies all to determine what was to happen of the rising threat of the Renegade Emperor of the Anarchy guild. The outer galaxies had already suffered heavy loses of planets. It was shocking and unbelievable; it was only one person causing all the problems.

Admiral Darius was on board the Matrix, the leviathan of the Desgan guild. He was looking at the guild leaders entering the neutral zone. He was going over the several reports he was getting from his outside soldiers deep in battle against the Anarchy Emperor. Soon something caught his eye. It was a report from one of his scouting squads. The report was stating something an attack from the Anarchy Emperor, and then he cross referenced the report with some of his long range scanners and some of the current updates of the Anarchy armadas. The lights on his screens turned bright red.

“Commander, open a link to all the other ships in the neutral zone, fast!” he shouted.
“Yes Admiral,” the commander responded. He hit a few buttons and signaled to the Admiral.
“All ships, I have detected a large armada headed this way, prepare for some actions!” Admiral Darius shouted.
“Copy that Admiral Darius.”

All the ships went on red alert and started to take defensive positions. In a few moments a hyperspace window opened and out emerged the largest fleet the Admiral had ever seen. There were two space stations, ten leviathans and hundreds of dreadnoughts.

“All hands to battle stations, set shields to maximum, ready all turrets, send the fighters, bombers, everything we’ve got!” the Admiral shouted. Soon a transmission was being received. It was even transmitting to the neutral planet.
“All enemy ships, delegates of the Federation of Planets, and commoners, this is Emperor Zlastias of the Anarchy Clan. You are out numbered by my vast armada, I highly suggest you lay down your weapons and surrender,” the evil Emperor demanded. Admiral Darius responded the message.

“I speak for all the Federation when I say we will not stand down. We will fight to our last breaths and if we gone down you come down with us.”
“A brave statement soldier but foolish. If that is your wish then I shall bring hell on all you pathetic scum. You all will burn in Hell!” Soon the Matrix ship shook with great force.

“Fire all batteries!!” the Admiral shouted. The entire Federation army began firing. The space stations were holding off. The dreadnoughts began advancing. Soon millions of fighters began emerging from the hangars. They clashed with sheer force. Darius could see the several explosions from the bridge of the Matrix. Once the Federation army had taken position another hyperspace window opened. Thousands of battleships and cruisers came as well. They began to fire on the Federation army from behind. The Admiral realized they were surrounded, they were going to fail. He saw titans starting to tear apart.

“Admiral the shields are failing, what should we do?” the commander asked, looking at the Admiral. Darius looked out one more time and saw the space stations firing large laser blasts tearing apart the Federation army.
“Keep firing, we can’t escape this. Anarchy has taken its toll on the Federation,” he said sadly. The Matrix leviathan finally lost shields. The two space stations fired a laser at the leviathan and it went up in a blinding light leaving only scraps of metal in the coldness of space.

“Make way to the planet. The Federation has fallen, we have taken the galaxy. Congratulations Anarchy Admirals,” The Anarchy Emperor said. Then he let out a loud laugh. The Anarchy armada made its way to the neutral planet to finish its final mission.

Story sent by Thomas Mallia for the AE Stories event.