The Ticonderoga

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27 LEVI_01"200,000Crs!! Where do you expect me to get that Jim?” said Chief financial officer Bobby Cruse.

 “You know that goods account for almost half of our expenditures! We have been preparing for s big buy for some time now and this is that time!” replied Fleet Commander Jim Tapper.
“Fine fine, I’ll move some things around you can go ahead and order it tomorrow. I know you have been planning this all weekend but now you have gone and made my day, I mean we will be paying off this thing for months.” Retorted Bobby violently.

“It’s not a Thing it is a leviathan. The strongest ship we can muster, and I want our fleet to be prepared in case the worst happens, just one and we can crush any fleet our opponents can possibly build.” Jim replied with an air of pride
“And how are WE going to pay for it?” said Bobby
“Simple once we have it then we use it.” Jim said almost beaming

A few weeks later in the observation deck of the orbital shipyard above Ulysses minor. “So” started Fleet Commander Tapper, “What do you think?”
“Well it is big and are those photon cannons?” replied Cruse.
“Yes they are, good eye there CFO Cruse.” Said a voice from behind, “and that is one big mother right there, how exactly did we come up with that kind of credits so quickly?” Turning around to see who would have the audacity to talk to a high command officer like that, the two soon found themselves standing in front of Grand Marshal David Wainer. The two quickly snapped to attention.

“Sir!” They said in unison.
“At ease” replied the Grand Marshal, looking disappointed “You know I don’t like being saluted.”
“Sorry Sir” said Fleet Commander Tapper “We didn’t know you were in system, when did you arrive?”
“Around five minutes ago I just walked off the transport and saw the two of you over here staring out the window.” Said the Grand Marshal moving towards the glass, “A thing of beauty, too bad it is built to kill.”

The three officers grew up together back on Jolinar, the second moon in a small fringe system and the second colony of their empire. They grew up learning in history class about the BORG and their mighty conquests throughout the universe and about how it took a collision of vary powerful guilds to finely subdue them. And they were proud to be in one of BORGs sub guilds EAA. The Evil Axis Alliance was growing strong and fast they were preparing to move to new hunting grounds in new galaxies when the cry of war broke out, and the drafting started. The boys took their responsibility and enlisted. They would serve together in the defense of their home and their empire.

With a soft glow, a light hum and without warning a blast rockets out of the forward photon cannon, with violence and destruction that is on a purely massive and unmatched scale. The target disintegrates instantly not even any debris left. The first test, and a successful one at that.
“Well is it dead enough for you?” asked the Fleet Commander.
“Hum… never is, can’t wait to see this levi in action.” replied the Grand Marshal.
“Well she still needs a captain.” said the CFO.
“Ha, no thanks I kind of like my job.” said the Grand Marshal.
“Well I do have one man in mind for that chair.” blurted the Fleet Commander. “Captain Jackson, think we can coax him out of that upcoming retirement for this.”

“Well than who will command the Fox.” the Grand Marshal.
“Everetts!” said the CFO after a few seconds.
“Everetts? I wouldn’t let that kid command my kitchen staff let alone a Dreadnought!” said the Grand Marshal in amazement.
“Well what about Shepherd, she’s seen a lot of combat and that board score of hers is mighty impressive.” said the Fleet Commander.
“Well all you look at is her ‘board score’, how would you know if she has any command experience.” replied the CFO.
“Enough, we will let Jackson pick, if he even excepts.” said the Grand Marshal.

37 levi_02

The career of Captain Mathew Jackson, began when he enlisted back before the third colony, he was a low level ensign in the expedition that scouted the locations of many of today’s largest colonies. He was promoted to communications officer and moved to the first Heavy Curser in the fleet The Lost, after some border skirmishes with raiders and pirates The Lost was recalled to Fleet headquarters and given an attendant fleet. Jackson was promoted again this time to commander and made executive officer on the next heavy curser to leave dry dock, The Retribution

Jackson had his first bout with death the day after the new fleet launched, an ambush at the first testing grounds destroyed the majority of the new fleet only The Retribution was spared and the first call went out for war, people wanted blood and vengeance for their fallen comrades, brothers and fathers, but one man held the line and said that he would not go to war. That man was Jackson he stated that the larger empire, had found the testing grounds by a fluke and that if they called for war the colonies would not be safe. At this time Jackson was already Captain, the previous captain was killed in the ambush, but High command did not want their new hero out fighting with the rank and file, so Jackson was given a desk job back at Ulysses. After a few months Jackson grew board giving orders to fleets that he would never see.

So captain Jackson requested a demotion and to return to a ship. He was solemnly accommodated, and made the XO of the new Fleet Carrier The Maiden. Just after dawn the morning before The Maiden, was scheduled to launch, executive officer Jackson was planet side packing for his departure when the call came in that a large WOYS fleet had been spotted incoming to the system. Before anyone could do anything the fleet was destroyed, almost 25,000 in losses and only the photon turrets held back the tide of WOYS ships, and just barely long enough for the 3ed fleet to arrive and support Ulysses. Jackson still blames himself for the loss of his shipmates and has never been planet side since.

After the loss at the hands of WOYS Jackson was promoted out of desperation by high command for some battle experienced captains, Jackson was given command of the second battleship to leave the orbital shipyard The Meteor, Jackson lead the charge against WOYS for his empire and their guild EAA. Victory was swift, as WOYS had not had enough time to build up defenses at their new planets and were quickly removed before their fleet could reinforce them. This victory spelled the end of the WOYS invasion and the income gained by EAA at the debris pile was over 30,000 credits, and all this went into research. Two years later the first Dreadnaught left the orbital shipyard above Ulysses and Jackson was given first choice to command it, High command even let him name it, The Fox. Jackson captained The Fox for 6 years before he scheduled his retirement, at the age of 48.
 “Well what do you say, Jackson one last command?” said the Fleet commander into the phone.
“I don’t know sir, does she even have a name?” replied a staunch voice on the other end.
“Well the boys up at space dock call her The Abyss, how’s that for a name?” said Ship master Franklin, “She’s mighty fine for a prototype.”
“Well we will have to change that then, ships don’t get names until after the first weapons test. Well I will start thinking about it but my retirement plans are still going forward right?” said the voice on the phone.
“Of course I just want you to bring the Fox in so we can overhaul her, and pick a new captain why you’re at it. I mean you are going to retire right?” said the Fleet commander “I was thinking Shepherd for the job.”

After a short pause, “Sorry sir, but Shepherd is going to be my XO on that new levi that is about to come out of dry dock.” Said the voice with a short laugh at the end. “If that is okay with you sir?”
“Well I’m glad you took your time and thought this through.” Laughed the Fleet commander. “When will you be back at Ulysses?”
“Well some time tomorrow at least we still have to unload the Fighter complement and then refuel and we will be on our way.” Rambled the voice on the phone.
“Okay we will share a drink when you are back, Ulysses out.” Said the fleet commander hanging up the phone. “Well that went as expected.” he said to the Shipmaster.
“If you say so sir.” Replied the Ship master.

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