A Peace Shattered...

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35 Peace_01Stardate 4059


The Commander looked up from his work as a young ensign came rushing into the command center. They're getting to be so young...thought the Commander as he rose to his feet to greet the ensign.
“What the problem Ensign?”
“Sir, new orders from Guild Headquarters.”
“Well, lets see them then. Hand them here.”

The Ensign placed the data sheet into his hand, and now the Commander could see why the young Ensign was so nervous. At the top of the data sheet were five golden stars, the sign that this message came from the top. Dismissing the Ensign, the Commander placed his hand onto the data sheet as it scanned his hand print and DNA. A letter rolled across the screen followed by several large streams of data.

"Greeting Commander,

Its time that we started running some operations in your area to protect our allies and their trade routes. You and your team are just what we need to start the basic operations. I need you and your team to set up a base of operations, and to start doing some more serious scouting in you areas to find our enemies and allies bases. Mark those who pose a threat to the safety of our allies and guild mates. I'll deem who you guys should attack after reviewing the details.

Congratulations Commander! You always wanted your own command, we here you go. Good luck, don't mess up..."

Putting down the data sheet the Commander took a breath while thinking everything over. His own command of an operation, it was so sudden, but he should be able to handle it.
“Yes Commander?”
“Send out the order to the members of the Shield Task Force to assemble. It is time to enact Operation Shield.”
“Aye Aye Commander.”

With that the Commander turned about and stared out the window of his command center. It was based on one of the Planetary Rings that protected his Homeworld. Hidden in the shadow of one of the planets many moons he could just barely see construction of their newest ship, the New Horizons. The Titan Class ship would help with base operations in the area and to hopefully deter any of the local riffraff in the area. Its time...Its finally time for the Phoenix to rise again...

One week later...

It was an impressive sight to behold. While He'd only expected a few small fleets for this operation, He'd gotten much more. Looking out the window of His Command Ship the Phoenix, a Dreadnought class ship with a few extra perks, there were hundreds of thousands of ships in the system. They we at a secret base far away from the fighting in the hope that they could work in peace. We had Large groups of Fighters on patrol, Scout ships always coming back with new info, and Cruisers always on the alert in case of a surprise attack. The Guild Master had seen how much Fleet power had been raised in such a short time, and frankly we were both still in shock of the sheer size of the fleets gathered. It was assumed that there were around 16 Million power that the other eight commanders had provided. One commander had provided close to 8 Million just himself. I was only expecting a few million, not this...If we do get attacked it would be by a superior force. Most likely the Triad...

The Triad...A Combined alliance of the three most powerful, power hungry guilds in the entire galaxy. The Three alliances ([LOVE] [RD] [H-IV]) had been attacking other guilds for the shear pleasure of it, and if the other guilds didn't join them, they were destroyed. We had been trying to set up a resistance movement against them, but they are at least 2-4 times our combined strength. We've been trying to build up out number over the past several years, but our allies are constantly being destroyed. I had been lucky to settle down in a quiet part of the galaxy away from the fighting so that I could work in peace. Being a diplomat had its moments, but now...now none of that mattered I now have a command, and I will not my guild down. How I was wrong....

12 hours later...

“Commander, the ship is ready for departure.”
Turning to the helm officer the Commander thanked him. After several days at the head of operations He needed to return to the Homeworld to check on the progress of the New Horizons, and to do all that paperwork that had been piling up. Sighing, He sank into his chair. The Fleet would be in good hands after all, He was leaving in it in the hands of his best defense officer; Dou-wan Black. Black would take care of any problems if they arose.
“Set Course for home Helm.”
“Aye Aye Commander.”

The Commander took one last look at the Fleet at as His Command Ship entered Warp. He could have sworn that something flashed from behind one of the moons off the port bow, but He dismissed it as his imagination.


The thing that had caught the Commander's eye was in fact a small scout ship that had latched it's self onto the surface of one of the moons to avoid patrols. The Captain of the small vessel grinned.

“Communications! Let the fleet know that enemies commander just left on his Command Ship. The attack can now begin. These UNITE punks won't know what hit them.”
“Yes Sir!”


Dou-wan Black was excited, his first command. He had been training for so long, helping out here in there in minor battles. He had trained with some of the best, and was proud of it. The Commander had just left in his Command Ship and now he was in charge of the safety of several billion lives. It was very frighting, and very exciting. Something that would not last...
“Sir! We have several unknown objects on an approach vector.”
“On Screen!”

On the main viewer it wasn't clear what 'they' were, but there were a lot.

The Screen went out of focus for a second, then there it was, a horrific sight met his eyes. Thousands of small Fighters and Carriers were bearing down on the fleet, and clearly visible on each ship was the symbol of the RD Guild.
“Battle Stations! Alert The Fleet! Begin Evacuations!”

35 peace_02 
Our Cruisers opened fire on the incoming fighters with a stream of brilliant fire that lit up space with a multitude of color. The fighters mixed with our fighters, but the sear numbers were too much. The enemy ships would dart in, and then be gone. Then just as fast they would be back, some of the fighters even used there own ships as weapons crashing into ships inflicting terrible damage.

“Sir Hull Integrity is at 64%. We've lost close to 70% of the fleet Sir!”
“Damn...Sound the Retreat. Save what we can, this battle is lost.”
“Aye Aye Si...Sir! More Contacts!”
“Coming from behind the planet, and more warping in from behind the fighter screen Sir. They're...They're Battleships Sir! The Computer is having trouble computing the exact numbers Sir, but they're defiantly to much for us to handle.”
“Understood, we're going to run interference for the rest of the fleet, give them what cover you can.”
“Yes Sir!”

Black looked out the forward view ports with the sudden realization that today he would die, but he was sure going to take some of those bastards with him. The Space around him was filled with the death of so many good friends, and the fire of the enemy bearing down on them.

Black looked up just in time to see an enemy fighter bearing down on the bridge. There was no time to react as the small ship crashed into the bridge, and those who weren’t killed by the explosion were sucked into space and incinerated as the rest of the ship broke up around them and exploded.

A Few Days Later...

Looking out of the forward view ports it seemed hard to believe that only days before the largest gathering of peacekeeping forces had been totally destroyed. The space around the planet was free of all debris that had littered the area. The enemy had been quick to clean up afterwords. They would pay...

We will rise again, and we will avenge the deaths of those who died here. Those who did nothing wrong except love freedom...We Will Rise Again!!!

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