Bonaparte's Last Charge

Written by Thomas Wiggins on . Posted in AE Stories

Bonaparte's Last Charge“Dreadnoughts ahead, Captain.” Captain Frederic Bonaparte nodded to the helmsman. “Good work. Inform the rest of the fleet.” As he strode across the bridge of his battleship The Ixion, Bonaparte looked over the scans coming in from the frigates and corvettes that provided his escort. They were passi…

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The Beginning

Written by Parham Gharavaisi on . Posted in AE Stories

The Beginning In the year 2148, each country sent it's own spaceship into space with a single goal of finding another world. Three days have passed without problem, but on the 4th day, when one of the spaceships reached another system, it disappeared without a single trace. Word was sent to other countries, some of them sent another spaceship to find them. But everyone who got near them, disappeared too. Scientist started a project to research about it. After years of research, they found out that it's some kind of teleport passage or warp gate. Desperate to find the destination, they sent another scout ship with scientists on it. They didn't have the permission to get near it, but the coordinates were wrong. It was much bigger than expected. They suddenly got sucked in. Then suddenly, everything went into a deep silence. The spaceship wasn't damaged and scientist were alive but...…

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The Battle for Rebel base

Written by Wally Berkowicz on . Posted in AE Stories

The Battle for Rebel base//:Open Data-stream....working, please wait..... :Begin_File: Decrypting file#327.3-[Historical Text – Confederate/Minbari War; Battle over Rebel Base]: Prelude: Alas, mere months after the largest conflict the Alpha galaxies has ever seen the fragile veil of peace had been shattered for the Minbari Federation. War was once again thrust upon them by none other than their former allies The Confederation of the Red Moon.…

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The Scout

Written by Chris Lippert on . Posted in AE Stories

The ScoutThere was a single bright flash of light as the ship dropped out of warp. As the light rapidly dissipated, the sleek lines of the Scout ship faded against the darkness of space. The pilot fired the sub-light engines on his craft and the nimble ship shot forward with near insane speed.He knew the dangers ahead of him as he had faced their type many times before. While most intergalactic civilizations these days welcome scouts with open arms, expecting them to bring trade and wealth to their planets, the government of the system he was now visiting was currently arrayed against his own. Needless to say, the sky was not going to be very friendly today.…

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Visions of War

Written by Cattraknoff on . Posted in AE Stories

Visions of War A tribal villager sits upon a large rock in a small clearing atop a lightly forested hill. Around him he can hear, and find peace in the soft sounds of the creatures of the night. Overhead countless stars can be seen in the clear mid-night sky. He had come to this place every moon cycle, at the full moon, since he was six summers old. This was his sacred place; he came here to find reprieve from the demands of day-to-day life, to bask in the raw beauty of the world around him and find those fleeting moments of real internal harmony and clarity. Here he had first beheld and truly come to grasp the magnificence of the world around him.…

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