Classified A1

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Classified A1*Classified A1 - Eyes Only – Hardcopy Only - Do Not Duplicate* *File 1*Research ProposalBy: Professor Barnes. Location: Rim Mine W, C36 – Mineral extraction & research station.To: Fleet Commander. Location: Fleet Base ------. Dear Admiral Clover,I do not know if you remember me, we met at the Am…

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The Game

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The GameBurning buildings as far as the eye could see... Shipwrecks, scorched earth, countless piles of meat that once used to be the citizens of Ceti Prime. That's what I saw when I, Star Lord Oz walked down from my ship. The homeworld of house Bellint - my family's sworn enemies - lay in ruins. I should'v…

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Dragons Are Real

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Dragons Are Real“Dr. Kaserman, are we close yet?” asked Gills as he heaved heavily under the weight of his sharper’s pack.  The man was an intern, a would-be Zoologist, working in association with the University of Teslos Advaros, the most prestigious of all Drekon Upper Echelon Universities…

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Operation Muloni, Chapter 1

Written by Logan Snider on . Posted in AE Stories

Operation Muloni, Chapter 1It was dark and raining as the patrol jeep rounded the dockside cranes and pulled up to the south portico of the New Ashur Shipyards. Slowly, if not methodically, a heavy weight guard stood from his stool, straightened out his uniform, and opened the window to his booth. The news broadcast from his…

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A Forlorn Hope

Written by Rufus Lupus on . Posted in AE Stories

A Forlorn HopeThe captain stood before his company looking up at the banner of the Red Wolves dancing in the sun behind his troops. He recalled the pride he had felt when he was awarded a place among the elite soldiers of the People’s Army, a chance for Aecius Ulfa to show his valour. A chance to compensate his a…

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