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“Dr. Mason,” said the scientist escorting his latest charge through the bunker complex. They were both men, late forties, dressed in white lab coats, and being escorted by military personal in traditional red and orange Drekkon camouflage fatigues, “I trust that you had enough time to read through the initial reports concerning our little state secret here in Sector 9 of Alfa Galaxy?”
“You are referring to the Rune of David? Yes, but I must confess that I do not know what to make of the anomaly. The reports that were sent to my neural lace during transport from Hades Galaxy stated that the relic predates any known archeological records. How is that possible?”
“Yes, well…” motioned his escorting scientist as they entered a secure circular shaft past a series of motion activated moving doors, “Our earliest archeological records of any advanced space faring civilization dates back to the Pax Draconic who went extinct nearly three million years ago. Even then, they never reached the technological capabilities that are displayed in the artifact.”
“So, the Rune of David predates the Pax Draconic? So… you are assuming that it is a Raven design perhaps?”
“No,” stated the other scientist as he shook his head, “We’ve already compared whatever scraps of captured Raven technology we currently posses to that of the Rune of David. It is quite clear that the artifact is not of Raven design. Indeed, we have surmised that the artifact is shockingly way more advanced than Raven technology.”
“What of radiocarbon dating? Do we have an age on the Rune of David?”
69 Relic 01
The group now exited the bunker out onto a grassy pasture which in a few short strides ended in a steep downward drop into a massively excavated hole. Almost in shock the new researcher for the Drekkon Rune of David Project stumbled backwards from the sudden cliffside. 
“That is the normal reaction,” said his superior as he looked out over the horizon towards a city sized stationary cube floating nonchalantly over the landscape, “We excavated the Rune of David ten years after the Ravens March. As you can see the artifact remains locked in space and time just like this entire planet. Everything is perfectly stationary, and the gravitational forces that would normally be present from our centripetal plantery rotation as well as the planets rotation around the sun, have somehow been substituted by artificial gravity. This remains unexplained, but we have theorized that the artifact itself is somehow generating these fields.” 
“If that is the case then we should be detecting some sort of artificial gravitational anomaly.”
“We checked… there is nothing… it as if this planet exists outside the normal laws of physics. As if… it was created outside the laws of physics entirely.

And, we have also run numerous calculations regarding slipspace and realspace translations. Even when starships enter this system from warp, there is no residual energy release from the immaterial energy buffer between reality and the theoretical.”
“That is not possible,” stated the new scientists bluntly, “whenever a ship translates between warp and reality there is always a residual energy spike of emissions.”
“Yes, but despite this entire star system existing within the real universe, it appears to operate under its own unique scientific rules. It’s as if this star system is some sort of remnant from another universe all together.”
“But we aren’t detecting any energy signatures to demark the possible presence of a warp bubble separating this star system from the rest of the universe?”
“Correct. We even had a star ship travel outside of warp to the nearest star system to confirm this. Literally, this star system is a seamless splice of an alternate universe dropped directly into our own.”
“How is that possible? Not even the Ravens are capable of that?”
“Well… there is one possibility…”

The new scientist suddenly looked at his superior as he continued after a dramatic stalled breath, “We could possibly be looking at the source of the Big Bang that created the entire universe. This Rune of David, and its other compatriot units we discovered after the Ravens March were in Hades, Kappa, and Omega. They have since been classified as the Runes of Herzon, Perez, and Salmon. If you calculate their relative positions in space and time to one another you will find that they form an exact square on a singular plane across the entire universe down to the pico unit of the metric system. As you surmise, even with our best technology such exact measurement is quite literally… impossible.”
“But, isn’t the universe a sphere? Why would such devices, assuming they were the source for all creation, be placed in such intervals? This does not make logistical sense.”
“Our universe is actually a three dimensional oval, but the remnant emissions from creation actually go out much further. If you were to include the three dimensional spread of heat and emissions out beyond the observable universe, you would see that on a much larger scale than we can conceive, our universe actually sits upon a three dimensional swirling plane. We discovered this information after studying the artifacts in greater detail.”
“If that is the case…” said the new scientist, “Then I wonder what happened to the race that built them. Do you think they died in the Big Bang?”
“No,” The two men now meet eye to eye, but the older more experienced scientist was smiling wolfishly, “The creators of the artifacts left us some information… a message of sorts…”
“A message?” the new scientist was baffled. 
“Yes, haven’t you noticed that your neural lace has been forced offline by the Drekkon military ever since your arrival?”
“I assumed that this was for security reasons? This is a highly classified area.”

The senior scientists chuckled and nodded to one of the escorting guards. This man checked his helmets com-sat, and gave an order, “This is Alfa Five too Cent-Com Charlie, Dr. Loveless says to activate Mason’s neural lace.”
“Roger that Alfa Five. Please stand-by.”
A few seconds later Dr. Masons neural lace activated to a swirling nexus of blue images that both nauseated and awed him. It was a single thought, massively complex, screaming and whispering at the exact same time, both static and logical, all of these things and yet infinitely more complex. 
“Easy my boy… it takes some getting used to…” said the senior scientist.
“What? What is this?” asked Dr. Mason. 
“It’s a message,” replied Dr. Loveless, “try focusing out and viewing the entire thing at a distance. If you try and micro-process the thought it will burn you out.”
Dr. Mason did what was requested and went pale as the full context of the imagery in his mind projected by the Rune of David was put into proper context. 
-------- To those that live in this universe, please enjoy one of our many creations --------
This is the fourth reseed of your numerous galaxies over the course of four hundred trillion years.
We ask not that you worship our kind, for true gods are not that petty.
We ask only that you live out your one hundred trillion year cycle
--------- And then your universe shall be reseeded. ---------
>>>>>Ego Hyperia Primus<<<<<
69 Relic 02

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