Bomber Cain

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30_bomber_01‘All Interceptors scramble immediately, I repeat, All Interceptors scramble immediately, Bogies coming in Bearing 144.53, repeat, Bogies, Bogies, coming in Bearing 144.53, All Interceptors scramble Immediately, This is not a drill, This is not a Drill!’

Cain strapped himself in while hitting the engine ignition, the others were also getting their sectors ready, slowly Cain’s Heavy Bomber ‘7662-P’ started to raise and move towards the take-off ramp.

“All sections call in” Ordered Cain
“Shields and top cannon ready” replied Coal
“Plasma Cannons, Front Laser Cannons and Missiles all operational” answered Gerald
“Navi and rear Lasers working fine” responded Zack
“Good, Flight Control, this is 7-6-6-2-P, all systems in check.” Commanded Cain down the radio
“7-6-6-2-P, All clear for takeoff, Give them hell!”

Cain pushed hard on the accelerator, the twin engines screamed into life, the lift inside the hanger let go of the Heavy Bomber, shortly thereafter it lurched forwards, picking up speed and it flew out into the action but before Cain had managed to get his bomber away from the Carrier, his ship was strafed by an enemy fighter, Coal aimed his top Laser Cannon at the Fighter but before he had a chance to fire them the Fighter banked to port, Cain turned the Heavy Bomber to chase him down, Gerald opened fire, blue light flashed across Cain’s face as the Laser Cannons fired past the cockpit, the Fighter dodged the shots but Coal had aimed ahead and fired his Laser Cannons and hit the Fighter, knocking out its engines.
“Zack, finish that Fighter off when we pass him, Orders come through, we’re on Cruiser busting, Coal, shield power to Brow, Gerald Engines, Zack, keep our back clear, we ‘should’ have Fighter cover” Cain ordered but within the cockpit the others were muttering ‘that will be the first’ Fighters never seemed to keep Cain’s bomber from being chased, everyone else’s, but not Cain’s! The first of the enemy Cruiser’s was approaching fast, proceeded by swarms of enemy Fighters, red and blue laser fire flashed past, Gerald and Coal opened fire with their Cannons, destroying those to slow to get away, suddenly a loud explosion was heard, too close for comfort, “Coal! Damage report!”
“Missile hit, Starboard Plasma Cannon, Shield held, 70% recovering fast!”

“Good, keep them back, BM!” the others stood what Cain meant, thinking fast, Cain started doing some basic moves to get out of the way, one of the Ion Bombers following Cain wasn’t so lucky, Fighters and Bombers were swarming around it, several Laser shot and Missiles hit the Ion Generator, the Crew managed to escape but too late and the explosion caught them, the shock hit Cain’s Heavy Bomber “Port Shield, 30% recovering Slowly!”

“Port Plasma Cannon Affected, Aim Assistant is offline, trying to Reboot” Reported Gerald
Sweat starting to run from Cain’s head, they finally got past the Fighter screen and now heading towards the Cruisers, Heavy Laser Cannons started to pour fire from the lead Cruiser, Cain moved his ship up, above the Cruiser, Coal fired his top Laser Cannon at a few chasing Fighters, Zack was also firing his Laser Cannons at the chasers, shortly as the rear of the Cruiser past out of sight, Cain turned around and went for the engines “Gerald, get those Plasmas ready!!” demanded Zack, soon the sounds of Laser hitting armour started to thud behind them, “Coal, Report!”
“Rear shields down, Ion particles effecting recovery, trying to divert power from brow to rear shields!” 
“Aim Assistant back Cain! Firing now!”

The whole Bomber began to shake with the recoil with each shot from the Plasma Cannons, Cain dropped the visor on his helmet but even then it was still blinding, the shots hit home as the Cruiser began to lose speed, Cain pulled back on the accelerator and the joystick, waited for the Heavy Bomber to turn back on itself, then Cain threw the accelerator forwards,
“Let’s get out of here before we attract more attention! Coal, keep those Shields intact! Zack, take over top cannon, keep them chasers off us! Gerald, Fire at that Corvette trying to block our path, we need to get back to our own ships!” 

Story sent by Krenim Imperium for the AE Stories event.