Speed Server: 8th Round

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AresRegistration to the 8th round of our speed server, Ares, is now open! Check out the full details for this round.

Round details

  • Round duration: 30 days
  • Round start: 15 June 2013, 17h00 (game time)
  • Round end: 15 July 2013, 17h00 (game time)
  • Server speed: 4x
  • Starting credits: 300 credits
  • Max. guild size: 8 player per guild
  • Entry fee: 3.99€


Top guilds by level

  • 1st place: Members get 6 month(s) upgrade voucher
  • 2nd place: Members get 3 month(s) upgrade voucher
  • 3rd place: Members get 1 month(s) upgrade voucher

Top players in each category (Level, Economy, Fleet, Technology and Combat Experience)

  • 1st place: 6 month(s) upgrade voucher
  • 2nd place: 3 month(s) upgrade voucher
  • 3rd place: 1 month(s) upgrade voucher

Prizes will be awarded for each category. Players can accumulate prizes.

Winners also gain free acess to the next round.

Note: Upgrades vouchers can only be used on normal servers.

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