Astro Empires celebrates its 4th anniversary!

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The first Astro Empires server (Alpha) was opened on the day 20th of May of 2006, Image ago. :D

Thank you to all players for your dedication to AE, and to the forum moderators, game translators, volunteers, and game staff for helping making AE a great game! :clap:

Some statistics and curiosities of the Astro Empires universe at the 4th anniversary.


Drekons Frigates Contest

On this Astro Empires' 4th anniversary, 10 Drekons Frigates have been placed at random locations in each game server, a bonus of 3 months upgrade will be given to each players that destroy them.

Good luck finding them! :)

- The accounts upgrades will be done manually later.
- A list of players that got the bonus will be posted here.