Tracking the past and Wizard's birthday

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Hi guys,

This week has seen a few exciting changes to AE with the unveiling of new stat history graths for guilds. Available for all to see, not just those in your guild it is hoped these new charts will make it easier to chart the history of a guild, give an idea of it's standing before joining it and of course give players something pretty to look at ;-)


In forum news Belenus, our Fenix server moderator, long time global and Alpha server moderator went into retirement. The great beast of real life time constraints sadly caught up with him. I would just like to thank him for all his hard work over the years. But not all is sad a I can also welcome our new moderator Themis to the team. She will be taking over Belenus's old domain of Fenix. Try not to scare her off guys, I for one am happy to have another female moderator on the team!

On the community front we have posted our first AE Story, The Station by Satyrical. Why not have a read or submit your own story to us? There are free game upgrades to be had!

In other news today Wizard, our Game Director, is celebrating his 32nd birthday. The AE team will be heading out for dinner at a Brazilian rodizio restaurant to celebrate with him. Kinda makes me wish I was in Portugal a couple of weeks earlier :-( Oh well!

That's all for this week guys, till next time, adeus!