The Ion Bomber Descends

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ion-bomberOlá from Portugal guys!

This week I have something special for you all, Luis our 3D designer has been kind enough as to give us a sneak peak at his latest baby, the image of the Ion Bomber. Have a wee look at it below. Despite it being a lower res image I can tell you I saw the full quality one earlier today and you can zoom into those pilots teeth if you wanted to! Good work Luis and keep it up!


In other community news we have posted up a new AE Story, Operation Supernova by Tyguy609. Excellent work Tyguy609, enjoy your free upgrade! Read the story yourself here. If you wish to enter your own story, find out how here.

The winner of AE´s September contest to guess where I (Ikari) comes from has come to an end. The answer was of course Northern Ireland which regular reads of course already knew! Find out if you won here. We´ll be announcing a new contest soon, so watch this space for details!

In other news Ikari is currently sunning it up in Portugal. He flew in on Tuesday (the same day the Portuguese were celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Republic and end of the Monarchy) and has already been hiking around deserted Islands, beating down the doors of HQs to get new stories for the blogs and quad biking around the mountains of the Algarve. Below is a little image of what you guys are missing out on! :-P


That´s all for this week guys, till next time adeus!