New Hope: Chapter 1

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It wasn’t right away that he realized it, but when he did the entire fate of everything that would ever happen would be changed forever. Dr. Yomach at the Archivol Institute of technology had just found a habitable planet. It sat there in the darkness that surrounds like a small blue crystal in a dark cave.

Very similar to the crystals that were sold on the ever famous black markets on the moon of Solstice. With the power of warp drive, he thought, we could get to that crystal in the darkness.

Dr. Yomach of course did not work alone. He worked in close quarters with the other researchers at the institute. Dr. Jhon-Stewart was one of his closest colleagues, at least in his opinion. He had no clue whether or not Jhon held him in the same regards, but it did not matter. Jhon was one of the most skilled people he knew in the the spectro-analysis field. Dr. Yomach didn’t understand the gruesome details of spectro-analysis but had heard enough that all you needed to see was the light reflecting off the atmosphere to know if it was habitable or not. So naturally he needed his discovery to be proven.
“Hey Jhon.”
Jhon sighs, “Yes doctor Yomach?”
“Come take a look at this, it’s important!”

Jhon hesitantly walked over to the small cubicle that each researcher got and walked in. He could hear some whirring of servos as one of Dr. Yomachs telescopes kept track of something. The doctor waved him over to a monitor that was displaying something. It looked like a small point of light in the middle of the monitor, but from Yomachs smile he could tell it was something a little more meaningful.
“What is it?”
“Just watch this.”

Dr. Yomach gestured for his screen to zoom in on the point of light. The sounds of servos adjusting inside of his telescope was the only thing to be heard. As the point of light expanded, it could clearly be seen that the point of light was a planet. Not necessarily a planet but more of an asteroid. Although Jhon couldn’t fully see the atmosphere there was surely one present.
“I want you to run a spectro-analysis on this, it could be the most important discovery mankind has made since the discovery of warp drives!”

62 new hope

Dr. Yomach hit a button on his computer which printed out some coordinates indicating the planet’s vector and star system in relation to the research base. A bolded line of text at the top of the document read, “New Hope”. It appeared that Yomach had already named the planet despite knowing anything about it. Jhon chuckled a little bit and walked out of the small cubicle, overcome by the thought that Yomach might amount to something.

Story sent by Ezra Stahlfor the AE Stories event.