Attention Fleet Admiral on Deck

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"Attention Fleet Admiral on Deck!” The glass doors slide open revealing a holographic table with the Admirals saluting me.
“At ease, at ease” I say in a low voice. The room’s corners are dark, but I know people are watching. The Admirals hover over the table with what seems to be the Sixth Fleet. I begin to walk towards the Admirals, the metal floor rings out every step I take closer; they hide their faces from the view of my eyes.

It hits me; I look around and see that someone’s missing. “Where’s Admiral Eshum?” I say softly. They keep quiet, as if they’re trying to hold a secret back. Not a whisper escapes their mouths as they stare into the hologram, singling out the Titan. I take step closer, warm air breaths across the back of my neck as the sting of a cold metal barrel touches my bare skin. I freeze still as the Admirals turn around, their eyes are red as a rose, and a small circular black machine is attached to their necks. A chilling, autonomic voice speaks from behind me
“Do you possibly think you can save the last of humanity?” The room’s walls slowly disappear, revealing an endless black abyss stretching in every direction. “Humanity has breathed its last breath, your precious sixth fleet is gone, and along with it all hope”
“Why are you doing this” I say remaining calm. The Admirals eyes turn a brighter red; I know they’ve lost all control. “What did you do to them?!” I scream angrily. “A simple machine attached to the back of the neck and inserts itself into the stem of the brain. Fatal if torn out.” Their eyes continue an endless stare into mine. “Humanity has a thirst to destroy, along with it a thirst for war. Once you discovered our planet you waged war outside, we watched hidden from your view. We decided humanity is too dangerous to the universe to allow to live. It’s time someone stomped Humanity from the rock it came, starting with you.” The
words stuck to my mind as everything went silent, then a click from a gun and
the world fragmented white as I fell to the ground.

My head flies forward as the alarm blares, cutting the silence. The ships AI Eve speaks in a calm, but nervous voice “Captain, you’re needed on the Flight Deck in five, it’s an emergency” “Alright, thanks for waking me Eve” It’s been almost a year of this fighting, running; we’ve just lost so much. I sit at the end of my bed embracing the quiet; I look to my right to see my uniform hanging on the glass door. I stand up, grab my clothes and begin to dress. Eve speaks again “Sir Admiral Eshum is outside the door and wishes to come in” “Alright” I say, as I’ve put on my pants and now buttoning my shirt.

The glass door slides open to reveal Admiral Eshum, her red hair and snow white skin. “How may I help you?” I say. She looks up from her data pad and smiles. “Almost all outpost ships have gotten through the gate, only four left”
“What about the Levi?”
“This ship is at full operations, shields full power and weapons charging” I finish getting dressed; I grab my hat net to my bed and place it on. I hold my hand out, signaling for the door. She steps out as I follow and we begin to walk down the white hall.
“The sixth fleet is here, if you’re wondering, its battle ships are ready”
“How did you know?”
“Good guess” Marines are running up and down the hallway past us, a window ahead catches my eyes.

As we walk past I realize it gazes upon the hanger. The fighter pilots are hugging their children goodbye as they board the transport ships and others kissing their wives good bye.
“Sir I have bad news, just came in” My heart sinks again as I remember the losses we’ve already faced. “Sir Artainia is gone”

My heart drops further, but into a pit of rage.
“Were there any survivors?” I say angrily.
“No, the twelfth through twentieth fleets are destroyed or captured” I realize help isn’t coming anymore, this is our last stand. We reach the elevator to the Flight Deck and I press the up button.

The metal doors slide open and I step in blocking the rest of the door. I place my hand on her shoulder and stop her.
“What are you doing?” She says as her crystal blue eyes stare into mine. I lower my hand and raise the courage to speak “You’re getting on the next outpost ship through that jump gate” A tear starts to form in her eyes as her body tenses
“What! No I’m staying here with you!” She says with rage behind her voice. “No you’re not, they’ll need a leader. I’m not going to have your death on my plate” I look at the two marines near us and I nod my head at them. The step forward and grab her by the arms. I step inside the elevator and press the top floor and the doors begin to shut. She’s in a full sob and she speaks sorrowfully
“No dad, this isn’t it, I don’t want to leave you”
“Bye Catherine”

The doors close shut, I start to rise and the doors open again to reveal the flight deck. A glass balcony on the far side looking over the entire ship, on both sides’ men, and women working at their stations with windows revealing the two Titans on either side of us.
“Fleet Admiral on deck!” The guard next to me yells as I step out of the elevator. Everyone stands up, salutes me and holds still.
“At ease” I say, they return to work. I step forward to a chair in the center of the room overlooking the entire fleet. I stand in front of it and a man speaks to my right.
“Sir would you like a fleet report?”
“All Fighters on standby, all capital and midsize ships accounted for”
“Tell everyone to raise shields, arm weapons and scramble fighters at the point of the fleet” “Yes sir” Multiple men and women start to speak giving out my orders. Fighters start to stream out of our ship as others do, and start to amass into a swarm.
“Total fighter amount?” I say with curiosity “Five hundred thousand sir” Eve’s voice broadcasts across the deck “T-minus ten minutes till encounter” My heart drops in my chest as I know what the cost of this will be. I speak with a sturdy voice, to show no fear “Open up emergency channel to every ship” “Yes sir”

A screen in front of my chair lights up, showing me as every screen does in the entire fleet. “Every one of you know me as Fleet Admiral, others as a friend. Today I come to you as a tired, exhausted and still holding fast. Almost a year to this date we discovered the harshest enemy known to date, and here we are trying to save the little of us left. Their intention is to stomp humanity out of existence, yet here I stand telling them they can’t. You can get on a transport ship and go through that gate and live or you can stay here, help me fight and show them that Humanity rose from the dust and we’re not going back. I’m going to fight for every inch, till the last man and till my last dying breath.”

I turn around, my crew’s all saluting me, and I turn back and say
“Let’s go kick their ass.” I salute the camera and the channel turns off. Eve’s voice comes over the coms again
“T-minus thirty seconds” Everyone starts to work franticly, I stand up at the edge of my seat and speak “Raise all shields, charge weapons and prepare to fire”
“Aye sir” Eve’s voice speaks again
“Five, four, three, two, one.”

A bright flash blinds me for a second; the room turns silent as fear starts to grasp us. I open my eyes to see a Death Star appear before me.
“Fire! Fighters engage!” I yell. The ship rocks as the photon cannons unleash their payload. No fighters swarm out of their hangers, none of their cannons fire.
“Something’s not right I say” I turn around to an officer, he’s pail, full of fear.
“All fighters disengage, all ships stop firing!” I yell. The fighters quickly turn around as the death star goes critical and explodes. I shield my eyes to only see the explosion disintegrate my fighters who are trying to escape.
“What was that?” Someone says. I look back out to see the fighters regrouping in front of the fleet with a portion of it gone in the debris field. “Sir incoming fleet”


Another bright flash shines, behind it an entire fleet, outnumbering ours. In the front another Death Star followed by Titans and Dreadnaughts.
“Engage!” I yell. The fighter swarm starts to fire as theirs starts to swarm together. Our battle ships unleash their destruction, followed by our Titans.
“It’s going to fire” Someone yells as the Death Star pounces, it tares three battle ships to pieces.  All ships aim for the Death Star, the ship shakes again as our cannons fire. I stare ahead as the shots do nothing to harm its hull.
“Why isn’t it being harmed?” I say as it fires another shot ripping a Dreadnaught in half.
“It has a planetary shield around it sir” His voice in rattled with fear. An explosion shakes are ship, as the Titans cannon is blown off.
“Sir our left flank is falling!” A woman yells from behind me.
“Sergeant Burns, take two squads for fighters and protect our left side” “Yes sir” Twenty fighters break apart from the swarm and head towards a group of frigates.
“Raise all AA guns now!” I yell. They rise out of the side of the ships and start to spew lasers in every direction as the enemy’s fighters reach our fleet. I look to the left to see the two fighter squads engage a swarm of their fighter as a large explosion engulfs them. “Sir our right flank is in pieces; their capital ships are gaining on us. What are our orders?” I stand still; the whole world turns quiet as I watch ships explode. I hear the screams of men and women over the coms as hole are blown in the side of their ships and they’re sucked into space.

“Sir Orders?!” A man yells at me, I’m embraced by the amount of death and destruction seen before me. The world comes back crashing down upon me as an explosion shakes the ship. “Raise emergency coms now!” I yell.
“You’re good” A man says as I gain the courage to speak again.
“All ships, full retreat through the Jump Gate. You’ll be covered as you go through.” Silence breaches the coms as a result of what I just said.
“Sir?” A single voice speaks. “All ships now! It’s an order!” I turn around to my crew as they sit quietly staring at me. “Get to a shuttle or emergency pod now! That’s and order!” They begin to run out the doors, the deck turns quiet as I look out the window to see the ships disappear through the gate. The Titans reach it and vanish, the escape pods launch followed by transport ships.
“Eve scan our ship for life”
“Sir you’re the only one” I walk to the edge of the window, watching their fleet approach. The ship starts to rattle as shells explode all around us.
“Eve order Arma Alpha” “Yes sir, full speed ahead, warp drive starting to reach critical temps.” “Aim towards the Death Start and destroy the jump gate”
“Yes sir” I feel relaxed as the whole entirety of space crashes down upon me.
“Collision in ten seconds” Eve’s voice is afraid “Don’t be afraid Eve, activate warp drive” I close my eyes as the world turns white, I know what I’ve done.

 …..Transmission ended “Enemy scouts detected ‘Mam”

Story sent by 2austino45 for the AE Stories event.