Operation Supernova

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SupernovaIt was a clear day on the planet of Rylüth.  High Admiral Toquar was sitting at his desk in his office located in the Imperial Fleet’s high command complex.  This morning, he was looking out of his office at the surrounding skyline of the capital city, Casatanor.  He loved to look out into space on a clear day like this, and remember the ‘good times’ that he was captain of his own ship, the ISS Excelsior.  A beeping noise brought him back to reality, and he turned his chair back around to face his holodesk.  In the top right corner of his holoscreen, an “Incoming Call” alert was flashing.  He hit the appropriate key on his desk to connect the line.

SupernovaAs the line connected, the display brought up the face of his personal secretary.  After a very brief pause, she said “Admiral, Fleet Commander Rast is on the line for you via the subspace holonet, shall I patch him through?”  Admiral Toquar responded “Yes please. Would you also get Admiral Hinshe for me?  He will want to talk with Rast as well.”  She answered “I will do that Sir.”

The face of his personal secretary disappeared, and Commander Rast appeared on the screen.  The communication paused as the subspace communique synchronized, then a light in the bottom right corner of the holodisplay turned green, indicating that the frequency was ready.

“Commander Rast,” began Admiral Toquar, “I am glad to see you alive and well.  How is the Supernova campaign going?”

“Things are proceeding according to plans Admiral,” stated Rast, “our fleet has been constantly harassed in the rear by renegade pirates, but we are making considerable headway against the enemy.  I estimate that we will have control of the surrounding systems within two standard solar cycles.”

“That is good.” replied Toquar.  Another box began to flash in the top right corner of the display, and Toquar hit another key on his desk to connect Admiral Hinshe.  “I am just connecting Admiral Hinshe to our conversation now.”  The computer completed its subroutines and connected Admiral Hinshe to the subspace holofeed.  A barely noticeable pause in the communique passed as Admiral Hinshe appeared on the holodisplay beside Commander Rast.

“Hello Admiral Hinshe,” greeted Toquar, “I am pleased that you where able to join me for Commander Rast’s report on the progress of the Supernova campaign.”

“It just so happened that I just finished my executive report for the High Council when you secretary hailed me.  It couldn’t have been more perfect timing”

“Well gentlemen, lets get straight to the point.  Have your ship and fleet logs been downloaded to the High Command Database Commander Rast?”  Inquired Toquar.

“Yes sir,” replied Rast, “all log files and regular report files have been synchronized with the High Command Database.  There where a couple of things that I wanted to report to you personally.  There have been some reports of spies within the fleet, I am sure you have received similar reports.  My executive officer has been keeping his eye on the fleet’s computers for any unauthorized access.  Approximately five standard clicks ago, our ship’s main computer was briefly hacked by an unknown outside source.  They where able to download certain unimportant files before we intercepted their signal and terminated their access, but we fear that they have been able to access other ship’s computers throughout the fleet.  We are currently developing self learning defense software, but we doubt that we will be able to discover how much information was accessed. We...”  At that moment, Commander Rast paused in his speech.  His face morphed from a confused expression to one of surprise and anxiety.

“What is wrong Commander Rast?” inquired Admiral Toquar.

“We are detecting an anonymous holo transmission.”  Talking to someone in the background, Rast exclaimed, “Tical!  Intercept that transmission and forward it to my view screen and High Admiral Tuquar!”

After a delay of seconds, a third video feed appeared on Admiral Toquar’s holodisplay.  Although the video was broken, he was able to understand most of what was being said.

“...gained information from multiple ship computers that a small Coalition fleet will be operating in the border systems under the name Operation Supernova.  Emperor has commanded us to wipe out this fleet.  We will arrive at the border systems in 5 milliclicks... report back after successful in attack.”

As the transmission ended, Commander Rast’s face went pale.  His eyes where blank and unseeing.  

“Commander Rast, get your fleet out of there now!” commanded Admiral Hinshe.  “Your opperation has been uncovered!  Leave now!”

This shocked Commander Rast out of his trance.  “Helmsman Tanner!  Get us out of here with all haste!  Tical!  Put the whole fleet on red alert!  Code 2 retreat immediately!”  As he spoke, klaxon sirens and flashing lights began to go off in the background.  Admiral Toquar could here the calmer of the crew as all hands manned battlestations.  “Commander!” some voice declared,  “Incoming battle cruisers detected on long-range sensors!  The aft flank of the fleet has already been engaged!”

“High Admiral Toquar, the High Council will need to hear every detail of this if I do not survive!”  breathed Rast as he took imediate command of his ship.  “Sustain our holostream as long as possible Tical!  They will need as much information as possible!  Begin to stream all sensor data to the High Comma----- ...”

“Transmission has been lost.” reported the admiral’s computer.

“Admiral Hinshe,” wispered High Admiral Toquar, “I need you to compile another report to the High Council.  I believe it is time to declare all out war.”

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