Goodbye My Love

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planet_destructionAs her flagship approached the moonbase Kessel where her forces had been gathered, her heart was in her throat. She recalled the last time she had visited this location, along with others in her guild. It was his Capital, as well as a high level JG. The mission had been a success and the celebrations afterward legendary. And then she recalled other times, when it had been just the two of them, hunting together and fighting side by side. The adrenalin rush after a successful kill was a powerful aphrodisiac!

She shook herself and tried to focus on the task at hand. He was gone now, and had been for some time. And though she had waited for his possible return, she knew now there was no hope. Already many of his bases had been overrun with enemy forces and there was nothing to do now but prevent any further resources from falling into their control. It was her job to take it down.

She looked over her screens and again ran thru the calculations of what would be needed against his defenses. Four levels of PRings and 2 levels of PShields meant it was going to be a bit painful to crack. And with 12 Command Centers and a single Titan for defense, most of the debris would be from her own forces. It was a good defense, one she used herself on many of her own bases.

She sighed as she sent away the Recyclers and their Corvette escort, and withdrew herself to the astro next door. She frowned at the lack of Fighters she had at her disposal in this galaxy, but there was nothing she could do now. Enemy forces were closing in and she had already killed off several scouts in this region. She gave the order to attack and it was over in a second. Heavy Cruisers, Destroyers and Vettes took the base in one shot, though with heavy losses. Looking over the battle report, she was pleased to see the high pillage that together with the debris more than covered the cost of her losses. With a grim look on her face, she sent in the Recs and gathered the attack forces to head back to her own nearby base. She left behind a substantial protection force as no doubt within a few days the United Colonies forces would show up to colonize it and they would attack her forces with a fleet of their own. She pirated the trade routes and moved away. "Goodbye my love," she whispered as she moved into Warp.

As she was underway, she tallied the credit loss and found she had made a tidy profit on the hit. It was a job well done, but she blinked back tears as she knew that nothing would ever make up for the loss she felt in her heart...

Story sent by Acorna for the AE Stories event