Fight for Freedom

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29_freedom_01The Anarchy Clan had taken over. The Federation of Planets had fallen to the Emperor, the last few planets strong enough to fight him were battling off all the Anarchy. After the fall of the Federation, all the members joined the Anarchy Clan making it undefeatable. The Freedom Kingdom guild was preparing its full force to begin retaking the first few galaxies. Leading the first squad was Renegade General Casamir. He had been in the galactic Federation’s best armies, fought many battles but this was nothing like he’d ever faced before. In all the first squad had three leviathans, five titans, ten dreadnoughts and all the fighters and bombers they could fit. The General sat in his quarters remembering all the battles he’d been in. The first over the Latos planet against the failing bulldogs’ guild then began the Anarchy guild which led to many battles over the Federation planets, he was always on defence when against Anarchy but now he was taking the battle to them. ‘It’s a start,’ he thought to himself.

“General the army is ready, prepare to board red-station Delta,” came the sound from the General’s intercom.

“Roger that,” he responded. Casamir got out of his chair and headed off to the hangar bay. There he saw several engineers making last minute adjustments to the ships and hundreds of troopers marching up the ramps. The General looked at the troopers faces as they boarded. Proud faces with a smile yet he knew that deep down they were scared as hell itself. He slowly got on board the lead leviathan and took his place in the command bridge where he found the engineers still working on the controls.

“We have upgraded the previous shields and enhanced the weapons. I believe that you will succeed in your mission General,” one of the engineers said after finishing off from the controls he was adjusting. The General took his place on the commander’s chair and looked around. He saw the several computer pads, flashing buttons and other controls.

“Prep the troops. We go now!” the General ordered. The engineers saluted and soon the ships were finished boarding. The hangar door of red-station Delta opened the armada shot off into the deep space that waited for them along with Anarchy.
“Steady she goes pilot,” the General ordered, “Bring us out of atmosphere and into planet orbit. Once the rest of the fleet comes about we leave.” Soon the ship was in the atmosphere and the remaining fleet joined up.

“Get ready for hyperspace troops. The pilot was hitting several buttons and pulling levers.
“General, the sensors are detecting a massive fleet coming into the sector,” a trooper reported. Suddenly a hyperspace window opened and an Anarchy Alpha-Armada came out bearing all weapons at the ready.
“General, it’s the Anarchy. They found us!”

Casamir looked out of the window and saw the fleet for himself. The Freedom Kingdom couldn’t last long against this fleet; leviathans, titans, and uncountable dreadnoughts.
“What do we do General?” a trooper asked.
 “Fire all batteries; launch the fighters. Looks like our last stand is here troops, prepare for the battle of your lives.”

The fighters shot out of the hangar over the thousands but it didn’t compare to the fleet fronting them from the Anarchy ships. Casamir looked out at the two masses of fighters and as they colliding large flashes of light, explosions, lasers all at once.
“Sir, the shields are taking massive damage,” a troop reported.
“Fire a photon beam at them; it might buy us some time. Send a transmission to the planet, tell them we need reinforcements fast,” Casamir responded. Soon the ship shook. The General was almost thrown off his seat.
“Fire at the enemy titans, their causing us most damage at the moment, send fighter-squads delta-4 and gamma-7 to create a distraction to those dreadnoughts!” Casamir demanded. This was getting too out of control.

“Bomber-squads Alpha-2, Beta-9 and Nita-7, deploy heavy missiles at leviathans. Titan commanders, break off formation, flank the dreadnoughts and destroy their turrets. Dreadnought commanders, advance forward full thrusts and fire photon lasers, send out all remaining fighters and bombers and move in on the enemy fighter army.” The General was about to explode. It was miraculous how they had managed to survive so long in battle.
“General Casamir, battleships and fleet-carriers here. We’re on your six, awaiting orders,” said a voice from the intercom.
“Thank the stars, reinforcements good. Fleet-carriers stay on my six; send out all fighters and bombers to intercept titans. Battleships move in over my vessel and fly to break point between the Anarchy armada. Sending coordinates now,” the General continued. During all this the Freedom Kingdom dreadnoughts had been reduced to just the one. Anarchy was destroying them to bits.

“Coordinates confirmed general, heading to destination now,” came the response from the lead battleship. Casamir was stressed. He was melting on the bridge floor.
“Sir, the Anarchy lost their leviathans’ shields, all of them!” reported a trooper happily.

“Great, fire photon beams again, hopefully their armour has been breached enough as well,” replied Casamir and with that the trooper lowered a lever and a blast of green light colliding with the head leviathan and it slowly was destroyed by the force of power. Soon the trooper fired two more blasts destroying the remaining Leviathans. Now it was the titans and dreadnoughts. The fighters and bombers were doing well to distract the titans.

“Bomber squad Omega-5, fire all batteries at hangar bay doors on the titans and then target the command bridge. Let’s make a hole in the wall for them,” the general joked. The bombers out in space went into a dive at the titans and fired. Suddenly the hangar doors shut down, then the bombers directed fire at the bridge and the titan also was destroyed. More ships from the planet kept arriving to help them.
“Pilot, move our ship forward and take out those dreadnoughts with the photon beams,” Casamir ordered.

“With pleasure sir,” the pilot responded. After several hours of fighting the Anarchy armada and the remaining Anarchy fighters the Freedom Kingdom armada regrouped and together cheered. The General sat down with a sigh of relief.
“Good work soldiers. We proved that we can do anything with a little hope,” the General said aloud so that everyone could hear him, also his intercom was on so that even the soldiers on the other ships could hear.
“Yet, this was not all. Now we must march on, to victory. To Justice! TO HOPE!!” the General shouted and all the soldiers clapped and cheered.
“Set a course for the delta quadrant,” the General requested. Soon the entire fleet entered hyperspace with a flash of light in hopes that they would succeed in bringing down Anarchy.

Story sent by Krenim Imperium for the AE Stories event.