The Invasion- Day 1

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31 invasion_01It was 2:30 G.T galataical time the sun was beaming down on the planet Vogahn life was moving along like a normal day birds where chirping kids where playing but all of a sudden a big flash of light beamed across the planet it grew hotter as if the planets sun was a few inches closer, people where scrambling to holograph TV where ever they could find one to see what was happening and what they discovered would change their life’s forever. The federation news room was stating the planet was under attack by the federation’s most despised enemy the dark alliance. People where scrambling to their battle stations and some people began looting stores in panic, out of nowhere fell what looked like a destroyer slamming into the city's plaza and when it slammed into the ground it was like an earthquake surging threw the ground killing thousands in a blink of an eye.

Fighters started moving toward what looked like a Death Star but only it wasn’t it was actually a massive fleet carrier carrying more than 500 million fleet, it was like all the stars where falling from the sky people couldn’t believe what they were seeing massive ships entering the atmosphere all at once and suddenly the planet grew cold there were so many ships it was as if the sun burned out total darkness accept street lights and spot lights beaming on the invading ships then the defense unit arrived deploying hundreds of missile turrets plasma turrets even material dissolving ballistic missile launchers where deployed then all hell broke loose there where so many explosions so unimaginably loud and bright fireballs heating up the city from the damaged invading ships, But the defense units where useless against so many ships...

The Federation Council called in all their allies to help assist the situation but it was too late 7 out of 10 Federation planets had already been conquered hours before the Vogahn invasion. The Federation Planet Vaughan knew it was up to them to defend the planet.

On the other side of the planet The Federation Plant Vogahn leaders met to discuss possible options to ward of the attack even if only for a couple of hours enough time to have carriers slip pass the Massive Fleet Carrier nicknamed Osiden. This was the only option available if they wanted there Federation to continue to exist. But the only factor was how to slip pass such a massive ship undetected, then one Fleet commander stepped forward and suggested they send a Black ops unit to try and board an Dark Alliance ship and take control of it and slip pass the Osiden.

They knew if they failed this risky operation it would mean the end of The Federation. So Vogahns top pilots and crew where assigned to the operation nicknamed Breaking the ice, they had to somehow get control of a Dark Alliance Ship and the only way to do this was with a carrier to carry a crew of only 300, they had to use the untested cloak that was still in research and could only cloak for a maximum of 10 minutes they had to time it perfectly here was the steps they had to carry out. Step 1 launch to target. Step 2 initiate cloak. Step 3 sneak under ship radar board the back of the ship take control of the ship and safely pick up the Federation leaders and a limited amount of civilians...Over the Carrier intercom was a robotic voice counting down to the launch 10...9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 the carrier was now launched and it was up to the crew to get the job done.

The carrier slowly approached the ship turned on the cloak boarded the ship, black op members rushed to the control room killed the pilots took over the ship and started heading to the predetermined pick-up location but suddenly a voice came through the dead pilots headset, it was a commander asking if the ship had made it to the Vogahn city Candice the four black-ops members looked at each other in panic, the leader of the black-ops unit picked up the headset and stated "this is the pilot speaking im approaching the city now" there was a pause over the airway with static the black-ops leader looked at his comrades in a emotionless look then the commander of the Dark Alliance Ship replied " very well continue to step 2 block all communication over the city" the black-ops leader couldn’t believe the commander actually thought he was the pilot, he looked at his comrades and said tell the Federation leaders we are t-minus 3 minutes from pick up location.

Back at the other side of the planet where the destroyer had crashed conflict was still pretty heavy Dark Alliance Bombers began dropping anti-matter over the city eating up every living thing and all of the buildings in a 5 mile radius...and suddenly it grew quite as if the wind stop blowing and as if the city was deserted the only sound was people screaming for help then Dark Alliance Broadcasting ships started flying over the city with the voice of the Dark Alliance leader Gogan...

"We are here to liberate you, we are not your enemy’s we are your saviors from your federation join us and your life will be spared if you do not join us you will face the consequences" all the survivors looked at each other all with the same decision they would rather live then die so they joined the Dark Alliance. All the people who decided to join where beamed up in the broadcasting ships and sent into an isolation containment room...but this room was just not some ordinary room no this room was filled with chairs with big needles over the head rest this was a mind altering room. The people started screaming and shouting to let them go but the soldiers guarding the room only released a gas that made them fall down instantly but still had them conscious and then Gogahn appeared on the screen " Know this, this my dear friends is only the beginning of the Dark Revolution..........


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