Interactive Tutorial

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An interactive tutorial will be implemented in the game.

The interactive tutorial will be divided in several subjects with description and a mission in each one to complete.

The interactive tutorial will be optional.

Reason to have the interactive tutorial: Most of the players that join the game quit in the first constructions, some don’t even build the most adequate structures first. This interactive tutorial will give a help to some of them.

Interactive Tutorial subjects:

0 - Introduction

1 - Base Structures
Mission: Build a level 2 Metal Refineries

2 - Base Energy
Mission: Build 1 level of any energy structure

3 - Technologies
Mission: Research level 1 Energy

4 - Base Population
Mission: Build a level 2 Urban Structures

5 - Weapons Technology
Mission: Research level 1 Laser

6 - Base Defenses
Mission: Build one level of any defense.

7 - Combat units
Mission: Build 1 fighters unit

8 - Stellar Drive
Mission: Research level 1 Steller Drive

9 - Moving units
Mission: Build a corvette and move it to a different location

10 – Trade
Mission: Make one trade route

11- Command Centers
Mission: Build level 1 command center

12 - Combat fleets
Mission: Move 1 frigate with fighters to a different location

13 - Warp Drive
Mission: Research level 1 Warp Drive

14 - Additional bases
Mission: Build a 2nd Base

15 - End Tutorial

Players that already have 2 or more bases build at the time the tutorial is implemented are considered that have done all the missions. (They will still be able to see the tutorial in the help page)

The interactive tutorial will be implemented in the next days.

Also the bases start construction capacity will be increased from 6 cred./h to 12 cred./h, this will increase new accounts construction speed in the first structures, but will have very little effect later.

Reason: Some new players quit the game just looking at the 10 minutes it takes to build the first structure (in others browsers games it is usually takes around 1 or 2 minutes)