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Hi guys,

Its time for our first features blog. It won't be a regular blog but keep your eyes open as it will surface every now and then. ;) If you want to get involved in these community blog features the details follow.

AExtremes is the feature were we share your stories of taking AE to the extreme! Pictures, stories and plots where you, your friends or guild mates have taken AE just that little bit too far, we want them all! ;) Email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now!

"I stayed up all night the night before my math project was due and I left it at home beacuse I was so tired from fighting the night before. So instead of having my project I presented the Ae battle calc and the way game mechanics worked and how to figure out if you would win or not.

I got an A+." ~ Ian Smith

Ask Astro Empires is the feature we're you get to put your questions to the admins! Post your questions on the Ask Astro Empires thread and your questions might be answered here next week ;)


Rainier Wolfcastle asks, on the new skin that is in its beta stage there are spots on the construction, production, and research page that look like they are for pictures. Are there going to be pictures there and if so when?

Yes we are working on adding ship images into the game. Last week we had an early example of the work being done in this area by our new grathic designer here at AE. Watch this space for details :D ~ Ikari


Supersonic asks, why didn't you guys use twitter since its all the rage?

*Cough* *Cough* - https://twitter.com/astro_empires ~ Ikari

That’s everything for this week guys, till next time adeus.