New server announced: Falcon (v3.5)

Written by Wizard on . Posted in News

On September 10th, a new game server will open with the new game version 3.5!

List of game changes:

  • More rewards through the in-game tutorial (recently installed on all game servers).
  • Recyclers able to jump one galaxy without using jump gates.
  • Option to hide fleets from the guild’s own reports (recently installed on all game servers).
  • Adjusted cost of top defenses in Asteroids and Moons.
  • Bases downgrading economic structures with cooldown.
  • Jump Gate bases are not protected by newbie protection.
  • Training Commanders above level 8 with XP points only.

Falcon server

You can view here the new version 3.5 details.

The server will open on September 10th at 17h00 (GMT+1).