Bases Occupation Unrest

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To difficult the long term occupation of active players causing them to quit the game, a new game mechanism was introduced.


Bases that are occupied or have being occupied or pillaged in the last 24 hours, increases unrest by 10% each day (maximum 100%).
If the base was not occupied or pillage in the last 24 hours the unrest decrease by 10% (minimum 0%).

When unrest reaches 100% the base owner will have an unrest Revolt button that will free the base from occupation.

While a base is with unrest at 50% or more it can’t get a new occupation.
While a base is with unrest at 50% or more and have preset any fleet that is not of the base owner or his guild it have the Jump Gates disabled.
When a base unrest decreases from 50% to 40% the base gets all the defenses restored. (It can now be occupied again and use the JG again).

base revolt

Inactive players (>40 days without login) and NPCs don’t have unrest value available.

Additional Adjustment

Occupied bases production penalty was changed from -50% to -30%.
In this way it have the same value (-30%) as the penalty in the construction, research and economy, and can make a little easier to build fleet to release the base.