AE Guide Contest - First Place Winner

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Hi guys!

Today is the day we announce the winner of our AE Guide contest. It was a hard choice but I'm sure youll all agree it has gone to the right man. Congradulations to Arjun S (Çárñágè) for his exceptional and extremely detailed 'Newbie Advanced Strategy Guide to Playing like An Experienced Player' which has earned him a year of free AE action.

The Newbie Advanced Strategy Guide to Playing like An Experienced Player by Arjun S (Çárñágè)

I’d like to thank the present and former members of the Epsilon server and all my friends where I began this game 3 years ago as a newbie for their invaluable advice and experience for which I have gained playing with and against them. Special thanks to Doom and the former members of my first guild and all my friends in [·V·]Villain that helped start it all. Special thanks to Salsashark a.k.a. Glenn for the Base Development Simulator Excel Spreadsheet.

A few points to highlight:

1) It is assumed that the player reading this has read the basic guides by other authors and the developers on starting the game and has an idea about how the mechanics of the game works.

2) Assumes the player is upgraded or intends to upgrade to take full advantage of the account development potential. There are other development guides for players who do not intend to upgrade but this is more of a strategy and tactics guide than a basic how to guide.

a. Here is my first piece of tactical advice fundamental to becoming an advanced level player. Without an upgrade you are not able to achieve a competitive level.

b. That being said, not all upgrades necessarily need to be done throughout the year but can also be done for few months at a time to take advantage of upgrade features such as advanced structure development and new bases. If you achieve the goals highlighted in this guide you will not have to upgrade further as the time taken for construction or research of technology can go well beyond a reasonable amount of time that the construction started (not qued) will continue to develop even after your upgrade expires. So if you need to build an advanced structure that takes 6 months to complete then you can group a few of these together upgrade for a month and start them. Even if the upgrade runs out at the end of the month, the construction will still continue. Cancel it though and you cannot restart it if you are not upgraded.

3) There is no hard and fast rule about the end game structures built and you can follow what you believe is best. In this case however it would be better to employ some kind of base development simulator to test your ideas of base models.

4) The structures suggested to build in this guide are based on efficient cost per unit of construction or production capacities. This however does not make it necessarily cheaper as area is the costliest structure and if you need to build a non-efficient anti-matter plant versus another level of multi-level platform, it would work out cheaper to build the anti-matter plant. However if 3 or more structures are needed and the MLP has to be built anyway then the cost of the extra anti-matter plant per unit in the end becomes a wasted resource until balanced by the need for more energy and adding energy structures.

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Thanks everyone for all your entries and keep your eyes on the Portal for our next AE Contest!