AE Guide Contest - Second Place

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Hi guys!

With the week coming to a close we're publishing our second place guide from the AE Guide Contest. Congradulations to Ephesians for his exceptional look at 'The Hows and Whys Of Building A Specialized Combat Fleet' which has earned him a 6 month upgrade.

The Hows and Whys Of Building A Specialized Combat Fleet by Ephesians

This guide is written strictly to outline how to properly build and tech a specialized fleet. Although certain sections touch briefly on combat, this guide is not designed to provide an in depth explanation on how to properly apply each of these fleets. It presupposes that the reader already has a basic working knowledge of the game’s combat mechanics, unit characteristics, and terminology.

Whether you are doing a jump gate crash, recall trap, blob crash, or even any other simple fleet vs. fleet combat, the bottom line it is that it is much more effective to have a lot of one combat unit type rather than having a little bit of everything. This guide includes an example of what I consider to be every type of valid mobile fleet spec option. It explains everything that you need to know about choosing a unit type to specialize in that fits your playing style and how to specialize your research technologies in order to build an optimal performance combat fleet.

All of the suggested fleet compositions in this guide strive to maximize the combat unit percentage of your mobile fleet by minimizing the amount of resources wasted on building non-combat units. Doing so will result in larger and more specialized finisher fleets, which means you can destroy larger enemy fleets for better ratios. The benefit of this strategy is especially useful and noticeable during large scale blob crashes where the likelihood of loosing all of your mobile fleet is very high. A fleet with pure combat units will perform better against a fleet with a large number of non-combat units in it, or against a fleet that has already sent its non-combat units away from the battle for safety. Now I understand that different players have different experiences and preferences and will tweak their fleets accordingly and that is perfectly ok. Every server and every player and every situation is different. There is really no ultimate authority on what is right or what is wrong, only what is better or worse for certain situations. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. Feel free to forward any further questions, comments, concerns, or advice about this guide to me in-game via PM.

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We'll be publishing our final guide and winner on Monday so stay tuned to the Portal!