AE Guide Contest - Third Place

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Hi guys!

Today we start to publish our top three guides from the AE Guide Contest. Congradulations to Zeppelin for his excellent look at Cruiser Stacks which won him third place and a 3 month upgrade.

Cruiser Stack Guide by Zeppelin

Cruiser stack is probably the most common and easiest to use fleet in the game. A cruiser stack's main component is fighters/corvettes/destroyers/cruisers/carriers.

Overview of the cruiser:
Cost: 200 credits
atk/def/shd: 24(power)/24(armour)/2(shield) (base)

Advantages of a Cruiser Stack:
- Can do alot of things including base hitting, fleet hitting, fighter drop to an extent, recycler hunting.. you name the job and a cruiser stack can probably do it to some degree.
- Little to no tech requirements, easy to build up and increase in size.
- Good recycler support.
- Decent defense, won't be taken down in most cases for a great ratio. (You will probably see 1:2 most of the time, but none of the ridiculous 1:4's that some fleets can get taken down for)
- Fastest shielded fleet in the game

Click here to read the full guide

We'll be publishing our final guides over next week so make sure to stay tuned to the Portal!