AE Guide Contest - The Runner Ups

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Hi guys!

It's  been a bit since we closed entries to our community guide contest and we've been busy judging all those guides! From the dozens we recieved we had a panel of narrow them down to 5 guides and from there we had two dozen staff and volunteers vote on who should win.

Today I will bring you the runners up, the 2 guides which made it into the top 5 but didn't quite make it into the top three. Allow me to congradulate Nikostratos and Earlia for their excellent guides!

Tailoring Fleet Tech by Nikostratos

Astro Empires is all about getting the most 'Bang for your Buck' for the smallest amount of damage to you. Your research is an integral part of this 'kill for minimal losses' equation.  AE is also best played in partnership with a team understanding that each player within that team specialise his/her attack fleet.  To oppose this relegates the player to research every tech ad nauseum and produce every ship type in the known world.  To do this is akin to being apprenticed to everything, master of none.  If you disagree with the above statement, please read no further and feel free to continue  producing your 'rainbow fleets'.  My guildmates and I will visit you with our specialised fleets at our earliest convenience.

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Guide to Early Game Strategies by Earlia

Although I've only been playing AE for about 2 months, I've learned a lot. Based on my own experience of having been occupied twice almost as soon as I went over level 10, my scouting and reading battle reports, the mistakes I realize, in hindsight, that I've made, and--most importantly--reading the guides on the wiki (I REALLY wish I'd done more of that at the beginning), I think I've figured out some important, early-game strategies and concepts. These strategies and concepts—i.e., for the EARLY GAME--are intended for players under level 20. I haven't precisely done the math on the economic aspects of these strategies. But, again, based on my own experience, I think they will work. I repeat: EARLY-GAME = <LEVEL 20.

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We'll be publishing our three finalist's guides over next week so make sure to stay tuned to the Portal!