A Sneak Peek At The Death Star

Written by Ikari on . Posted in Blog

Have you ever wondered how big a Heavy Cruiser is compared to the Outpost Ship, or your trusty fighters? Our graphic designers have put together a chart showing you exactly how much of a badass your fighter pilot would need to be to take on a ship so many times bigger! The chart is also now available as a poster on the AE Store at Zazzle, click here to order one for your wall!

ae medium and small ships

Speaking of our new 3D ship images, we have a sneak peak for you of the biggest ship of all, the Death Star. As it is the last of our ships to be released it’s been a well-guarded secret only available to Astro Empires staff but now YOU get to see what is coming soon for yourself.


So there you have it, the concept of our final ship. What you think of it? Which ship have you liked the best? The Death Star, Leviathan, Outpost Ship or perhaps the faithful Heavy Cruiser?