A Sneak Peek at Astro Empires v1.5

Written by Ikari on . Posted in Blog

The team has been working on the largest update to the game since the very beginning! The update will target a large number of areas of Astro Empires and today I will give you a sneak peek at the update due in the coming months.

The update will overhaul the game interface simplifying the design for new and existing players and on top of that we will be adding great images for the structures and technologies, improving the visual experience.

We hope that the new interface will make the game more easy to play and improve the overall game experience. Like earlier skin and interface updates you can continue to use our existing skins.

AE v1.5 sneak peak 2The update is not limited to the game interface and aesthetics, we will make somes changes that affect the gameplay, like adding a new technology as well as some changes to some of the larger capital ships to make them more useful. Others adjustments are also included, like speeding up the process of scouting and the beginning of the game.

The update will be implemented in all game servers.

Watch this space for further details of this update as more information is released in the coming months.