A Glimpse At Artwork To Come

Written by Ikari on . Posted in Blog

Hi guys,

Over the past few years, Astro Empires have been adding detailed 3D ship graphics to the game. It's been a long journey but we are nearing its end with almost every ship now sporting their own graphics. Today we have a sneak peak of the "Outpost Ship". Is still being finalized and might change, but what do you think so far?

outpost ship concept

Alongside the ships design we are working on 3D graphics for the structures. Here is a sneak peak for the "Urban Structures". The final design can change and there will be an evolution based on the level.

urban structures concept

And that’s not all we have for you today! To accommodate the new 3D designs we will make a change in the interface that might be more than just aesthetic. Wait for news in future blogs!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of these for the future, just enough to wet your appetite!