Astro Empires Welcomes You To 2013

Written by Ikari on . Posted in Blog

Hi guys,

Can you believe it that we’re already in 2013? I know I’m having trouble believing it myself, what a year it has been for Astro Empires and we have tons more exciting developments due next year.

It’s been a busy year where we have released a further 4 3D ship animations to our already bulging collection, this year it’s been the Frigate, Ion Frigate, Cruiser and Heavy Cruisers time to shine. What ships will the New Year bring? Perhaps we’ll even get to see the Deathstar itself in action? Click here for high quality versions of these ships.

2012 also saw two new skins hitting the Astroverse, the improved Blue Nova Skin and the long awaited Mobile Skin. Which was your favourite?

Not into the graphics? Well there were a few large changes this year to the game itself! The new Fog of War feature and Spiral Galaxies have made waves in game and who knows how this will change future tactics and combat. 

2012 has definitely been an exciting year but 2013 is set to be much more. Watch the portal and Facebook for all the latest news as we continue to expand and improve the universe of Astro Empires.

Happy Holidays
From everyone at the team we hope you had Happy Holidays and wish you a prosperous New Year.