New chart image and video

Written by Ikari on . Posted in Blog

Hi guys. The past few months have seen some exciting developments on the graphical side of Astro Empires. We’ve had two new ships released (Frigate and Ion Frigate), a collection of early concepts of the Cruiser and two videos with our very own Astro Empires ships!

We has released a third unit comparison chart taking into account the latest raft of ships to be released. Click here to see a very high quality version of the chart which is also available as a poster in the Astro Empires store.

small ships chart 800x600 1

Our last video that was released on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page, is a short video showing some of the recent released spaceships over Faro city (Portugal).


It’s worth mentioning that we’re currently looking for questions from you to put to our second 3D artist Helder. Helder takes the ship models created by Luis and finishes them by applying the textures, lighting effects and animation. So what would you ask Helder? Click here to post your questions.

That's all for this time guys, till next time adeus!