Luis Interview (AE Concept & Modelling artist)

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Hi guys!

This week I sat down with Astro Empires AE's 3D concepts and modelling artist Luis. I felt I would publish an interview with him to give you a greater idea of what he does for AE. I have included some concept images from his early development of the Cruiser too! Enjoy!

How did you get involved in working with Astro Empires?
I was working as a video editor, when an ex-colleague from the university contacted me about developing some concepts for an online game. He introduced me to “Wizard” (AE Creator), and I showed him some of my work. He became interested. After a while I quit my job and have been working for AE since then.

What have been your 'Inspirations' for the ships you create?
I usually go for sources where I can find the right combination of logic and aesthetics, it can be a movie, game or sometimes an engine part. Something that looks like it serves the actual described purpose. But what comes more easily to mind are movies like Aliens, 2001, Star Wars and games such as Homeworld (1 and 2) or Halo Wars and O.D.S.T.

Which has been your favorite ship you've made so far?
The Titan, has always been a spaceship that I wanted to develop. Actually, the concept itself came from something that I worked way back as a personal project, but the conditions at the time weren´t the appropriate for it, so I moved on although it always remained in the back of my mind, and when the opportunity of getting back to it arose I leaped at it without looking back. It´s a design with great potential due to its modular campacity. It can be turned to just about any purpose you choose, although we will get back to that at another time.

Some users have been critical of the 'similar feel' of many of the ships, how do you feel about this feedback?
I do understand what they mean about the “similar feel” of the ships, the thing is that we are trying to maintain a specific aesthetics between them, and, well, some are still under development.

Which ship posed the biggest challenge to create?
Up until now is the cruiser, but i´ll talk about it another time..

What's it like working for a small games company?
This is my first experience in the gaming industry, and until now is a positive one. But one thing that I believe to be a positive thing is that you have considerably less hierarchy, so whatever there is to be discussed takes a much more immediate approach.

If you could go back and change one of the previously released ships, which would you change, how and why?
The fighter, without a doubt in my mind. I feel that it could have a more space like look.

The immortal question, Star Trek or Star Wars?
I like them both, although Star Wars appeals more to my personality. The retro futuristic mixture of the Star Wars universe is simply irresistible. But if I had to live in one of them it would be Star Treck, it´s cleaner and has great health care and if you lost an arm, I’m sure that it wouldn´t have to be replaced by a bionic one (laughs).

Are you a sci-fi fan in general?
Yes, since the age of 5 and I saw Spock on the TV.

What do you do to unwind?
Build armored core kits, read, go out for dinner with close friends and play video games.

Sports, do you follow sports and if so which games and teams?
Not a sports fan, the closest I get to it is when I go jogging or swimming.

Favourite movie of all time
“Touch of Evil” by Orson Welles.

Favourite song / band of all time
Pearl Jam (although those days are long gone).

Ahead of my interview with Luis I posted on the facebook asking for questions to pose in my interview. I had plenty of responses and here are the answers the best!

Jeanluc Stevens asks 'What 3D modelling program did you use?'
We are currently using 3D studio Max.

Matthew Chan asks 'Will the 3D models be made available to the public so those players with talent in 3D applications could recreate space battles and stuff?'
That is something that has been discussed, and could be considered in the long run.

Aaron Knight asks 'What is your favourite color?'
Titanium blue, like the armor of Robocop 2.

Bernardo Sánchez Miranda asks 'When AE going to evolve in a 3D universe with 3 coordinates?'
For now we have no tangible developments in that respect, beside the 3D units models, but it would be pretty interesting possibility.

Kyle Dally asks 'Have you ever considered making 3D models of the structures?'
Yes we have, that is something that we have discussed with great fervor, and for me is one of those things that i just can´t wait to get my hands on.

Hope you enjoyed that guys, we'll soon be doing an interview with Helder. I'll post on our facebook page asking for questions before I do though!