Preparations & Celebrations

Written by Ikari on . Posted in Blog

Hi guys,

It's been a quiet week here at HQ while we build towards our first ever real life meet-up this weekend in Belfast, Northern Ireland. For that reason we don't really have anything to report this week. I'll be off in Belfast personally (Leaving in 20 minutes ^^) and will make sure to get some photographs for you all!

In other news though there were mad celebrations around HQ and, well all of Portugal with their impressive 7 : 0 victory against North Korea on Monday. For those of you not in the know I am of course referring to the Football (Soccer to our American readers) World Cup which is currently taking place in South Africa. At 16:00 server time today make sure not to cause any major lag as everyone in HQ will have more important things to do, watching their decider match with Brazil!

Quiet week so that's all folks! Till next time, adeus!