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Hi guys!

This week there has been a shadow hanging over HQ in Portugal. A Portuguese infrastructure issue that affected us all and risked costing Xaman and Wizards seriously in the pocket. I am of course talking about the defeat of the Portuguese football (Soccer to our American readers) team on Tuesday by archrivals Spain knocking them out of the World Cup. Oh and there was also some cabling issues that shut down AE for an afternoon on Saturday :-D

Read More AE recovered from the latter fairly quickly, though the former may take a bit more time ^^ (Xaman please don’t delete my account )

In game news Ixion has now spread to 60 galaxies with a whole new batch opening. If you haven’t tried the games youngest server now is the time! This week Ikari returned from Q-CON and AE’s first ever RL meetup, it was extremely successful and a perfect foundation for possible future events in larger events and area’s in future. We’ll keep you posted so watch this space and of course the boards!

While browsing the forums this week I spotted this amusing forum game, why not have a go yourself and post your entries here and there?  My favourite is below!

That's all for this week. Adeus!