Spanish & the production menu!

Written by Ikari on . Posted in Blog

Hi guys,

This week has seen the launch of one of the worlds core languages into Astro Empires, Spanish. It's been a long time in the making and now up and available! It's our 10th language, a quality milestone. A special thanks to  Lt. Turbo, shaagar, Metzengerstein and Madds for all their hard work!

Now, I have something special for you guys, we're just finishing off a new addition to the game and I wanted to give you guys the heads up! A new feature will soon be added to the production menu allowing you to set all of your bases to make the same unit and the same amount for all your bases. A huge time saver and much requested addition! Let us know your thoughts, and perhaps we can have a few more exclusives in the future.




























In other news Ikari's home town, Londonderry in Northern Ireland won the United Kingdoms city of culture yesterday. There has been much celebrating, have a wee look for yourselves!

That's all for this week guys, till next time adeus!