Portal's new look, the forum is next?

Written by {ga=ikari} on . Posted in Blog

Hi guys,

This week has seen a complete redesign of the AE Portal's layout. Although the Portal itself is quite new it was felt that the design should be standardised with that of the game layout. It's looking quite snazzy if I do say so myself, have a look and give us your thoughts! A similar update to the forums layout is also on the cards so watch this space for details and perhaps a sneak peak ;-)

In other news Simplified Chinese will this week be launching into beta allowing all Chinese players the chance to have use it and get involved in improving the translation. A special thanks to Twi-Veda and paradox82 for all their hard work on it! After a few weeks of beta when we're sure we've ironed out most of the kinks we'll launch it completely. Simplified Chinese will be our 12th language and 2nd non-Latin character language!

Now I have something cute for you, Epsilon servers ΡĒ§ŦĪŁĒŃČĒ has shared this image of her son, nick named ingame BÆBY. He doesn't have his own AE account yet but the future is bright with such interest from the next generation! :-D


That's all for this week guys, till next time, adeus!