Interview - Hammurabi (Part I)

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Hi guys,

This week I chased down our very own Alpha server moderator Hammurabi for an interview. So with that done, find part one of our two part interview with forum moderator Hammurabi!

Tell us a little about yourself. Who is Hammurabi?

Just a regular overworked university student, trying to make ends meet while having a little fun along the way.

Could you give us an idea of what you do as part of the Astro Empires team. I moderate the Alpha server boards, which are - in my opinion - the most active and drama-filled boards on the forum.


Your one of the teams newer moderators, how did you join the Astro Empires team?

Oh wow, I'm still one of the newest after a year? Amazing. Anyways, I had originally applied to be the Delta moderator (everyone knows the turnaround on that one) but came up second in the running, until I got an email a few months later asking if I wanted Alpha. I can't honestly say that I would have volunteered for it on my own, but it's grown on me since then.


Alpha is the oldest game server and many of its users are, how should we say, set in their ways. How hard did you find it taking over not only the oldest server but the server with the fewest moderators over it's lifetime! 

Well, thanks to Belenus having played the server whereas I do not, most people accepted me at least somewhat from the beginning, due to the lack of a bias from being a part of the server. After that, I just tried to take it easy wherever I could, and only cracked down on the serious offenses, which seems to have worked for the most part. It's really just hitting that fine line between not doing enough, and doing too much - which I'm sure a number of Alpha players will say that I missed the line completely, but that's just how it goes. 


What other games do you play? Are you a big gamer?

Oh my, yes. I've recently been working my way through Starcraft II, and otherwise love FPS and RTS games. As for other games like AE, I don't play any, simply because I've only ever been able to play one at a time due to scheduling issues.


Do you have any pets? If not what animal would you like as a pet?

I've got a roommate that I named Spike, which is pretty close to a pet. He's a good kid, except for when he eats out of the garbage. It took me a month to get him to stop trying to sleep at the foot of my bed, though.


Where did you get the idea for your forum persona?

love history, and Hammurabi was essentially the first moderator, if you want to think of it in that way - he made the first formal list of rules, and enforced them. My introduction, way back when, including ten points of my own little code, which was meant as a humorous take on the rules. Of course, the other name that I had been considering was Ron Jeremy, but you can see why I chose the other way. 


That's all for this week guys, catch the second half of the interview this Monday! Adeus