Interview - Hammurabi (part II)

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As promised guys here is part two of our interview with Hammurabi!

It's a regular occurrence for the word 'bias' to be thrown about on the forums. When these accusations are made how to do you deal with it?

I'm a philosophy major, so to put it simply, I'm used to dealing with statements that lack any sort of evidence behind them. I usually point out that I can cite every rule that I've warned someone for, and also that people are free to contest my warnings if they feel they were unfairly given. If people don't contest them, or if they contest them but the support staff agrees with me (which, I assure you, does not happen in every situation) then there's really no proof that I'm biased. It usually just seems to be a way for the players to justify their own warnings, by placing the blame on an external source, rather than themselves.


As we all know moderators are meant to keep their game identities secret to avoid a perception of bias, could you give us an idea of how challenging this is?

Well, I went into the job telling people I play Ceti and Fenix (still play both, by the way) which at least narrowed down the possibilities. People have thrown around a lot of guesses, and while most of the time they're still a bit far from the mark, most people are convinced they know who I am. I don't really consider it difficult to keep my identity secret, but then, I also haven't really actively tried to throw people off, so perhaps really working at it would be harder.


If you could mod any other board which would it be?

TT, simply because of the fact that they hate me down there for moving all of the fail Alpha threads over. But really, I want to stick with Alpha, now that I know them and they know me. I'd also be happy with anything but the board for the newest server - I just don't have the patience to deal with that.


Music, games, television or movies. Which steals the majority of your free time and why?

If you could also share a few of your favs Actually, none of them. The internet takes up the majority of my free time, just because it encompasses all of those, and more. But regarding each, I love rock and metal, as well as science fiction for television and movies.


Is there anything else you would like to pass onto our readers?

Indeed there is. I would like everyone to know that I am very susceptible to bribes. However, I don't trust anyone on the forum enough to give you my home address or paypal information, so it's frankly a wasted opportunity. Sorry guys!


That's all for this week guys, see you Friday! Adeus