AE Translation update

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Hi guys,

It’s been a quiet week at AE HQ so I thought; why not take a look at an ongoing project? The AE translation project has been running for nearly two years now and means that AE can now be accessed in 14 different languages. This is the perfect opportunity to thank every single translator who has helped us along the way.


Above is the current progress of our Translation project, the bars indicating the number of words translated. As you can see close to half of our targeted languages have now been completed with significant progress in many others. Sadly there are other languages that are lacking, many as we don’t have translators for them!

As you can see we are down translators in many languages. Those that have already been launched do not require a large team but of course those that have not need as much help as we can get. If you think you can help please do apply and give us a hand getting your language launched onto the AE servers!

If you are interested in applying to be an Astro Empires Translator you can find the details here.

That’s all for this week guys, till next time, adeus!