Meet the AE team!

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Hi guys,

It's been over four years since AE was launched and never before have those behind the game shown their faces. We've chatted via the forums, posted blogs and interviews but as we know a picture is worth a thousand words so lets introduce you to the AE team!   


This photo was taken on my recent trip to HQ in Portugal. I'm obvious enough showing off my very stylish tourist shorts but the big question is, who is who across the line? For now I'll leave that to the imagination! Fancy guessing? The comment section is open to you!

In game news we have added two new languages to the game. Both Polish and Simplified Chinese have entered the game and been fully launched. A special thanks to paradox82, Twi-Veda, albertni, Warthog, Lunar, Proud Templar and Gunny for all their hard work translating the languages for us! Enjoy!

In other news AE have launched their fan kit to help you if you have an AE themed website, blog or forum. In one place you can get extremely high quality ship images, game logos, screenshots, promotional material and interviews. So if you have a site or are considering making one this is a must! Click here to get it yourself!

That's all for this week guys, till next time, adeus!