Forum update & AE Team named

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Hi guys!

This week has seen one big change over on the forums! After over three years our old forum skin has been retired and given a makeover. It was hoped with this change the forum will come more into line with the game and portals themes and I must say, it's succeeded.

That said there has been some opposition to the change on the forums, let us know what you think here. It's also important to remember that the skin is new and some bugs or errors may still exist, if you find any, please post them in the same thread!

Now, two weeks ago we revealed a group photo of the AE team and left you guessing who was who? Well I know you have all been holding your breaths since to know the answers so I thought I'd share the truth with you tonight. :-)
Starting from left to right. First we have Helder, he's one of AE's 3D graphic designers. He specialises in texturing. Next is Luís, our original 3D artist who joined the team in 2009 for the 3D ship project. A definite Star Trek fan! The original designs I showed you guys a few weeks ago where his work before he joined the team! :-)

Next is the head honcho himself, Nuno, known to most of you as Wizard. He is of course owner and head of AE as well as head programmer. Next is Bruno, Xaman to you and I. Operations Manager and AE's number two man. 2nd from right is myself, Ikari, Community Manager and finally Mike, the baby of the group having joined AE in September of this year. He is our new programmer and is working directly with Wizard on game development.

Wondering where Brinca and Thundergirl are? Brinca is hiding (he didn't join us for lunch that day) and Thundergirl is behind the camera!

That's all for this week guys, till next time adeus!