Juno, are you ready?

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Hi guys,

I must ask one question. Are you ready for Juno? No, I don't mean Michael Cera's girlfriend, Astro Empires new server! Tomorrow is J-Day with the launch of Astro Empires 10th server and perhaps greatest server yet?!


So it's new server time, and we all know what that means, it's time for piracy to reign supreme once more! Here are AE Blogs seven essential tips to surviving a new Astro Empires server launch,
  • Defences count, seriously, build them and build them soon after you cross into your third day
  • As soon as you can build a fighter or two to defend your trade route and ward off early scout taps
  • Sleep is for the weak. Your queues are only so long. ;-)
  • Scout taping is a great way of gaining early income, but be careful who you go for though, you don't know who will be big dog in a few weeks
  • Your guild means squat for the first few weeks, don't expect your tag to act as a shield
  • Want to get ahead of the herd? Upgrade for 12 months straight away and get the extra 50 credits. They 'do' help a lot in the first 48 hours of play.
  • Watch the new Juno boards on the forums for updates on which galaxies have opened up if your waiting for a specific one.
You're all set for diving into Juno. Don't let the name fool you, she's going to be one hell of ride!

Now, this week has also seen some new graphics and animations hit the game. Wizard has officially released the scout ship animation into the game. Looks pretty mean for a ship with only 1 attack power! We've also released a comparison chart of all the hanger units.


Moving on, about a month ago we asked the community for their feedback on the game in our first feedback survey. We didn't ask anything very exciting as it was our 'trial run' survey but thought we would share a few of the results with you today. Namely the 'How would you rate Astro Empires' and 'What do you think of the new fleet Icons change' questions.

Finally, I have some cute news for you. Some of you may remember we shared an image of ΡĒ§ŦĪŁĒŃČĒ and Ðєαŧħ of Epsion's son, nick named BÆBY. Seems he's doing well for himself and has been given the post of commander in the Epsilon Server War between TITAN & FTW. Not too bad for a boy of 6 months without his own account!


That's all for this week guys, till next time, good luck on the new server! Adeus!