Interactive map and Juno's aftermath!

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Hi guys,

I'm sure some of our more common readers will have noticed that our regular weekly AE blogs haven't been forthcoming every weeks now. Well there is a reason, the blog won't be running on a set schedule, we'll be saving it for when we have some good stuff to share. This will mean meater blogs with more sneak peaks, more news and more content. Let's start with a quick round up of the news since our last outing.

November 20th saw the launch of Astro Empires 10th server, and boy what a launch. I don't want to linger on it too much now as guess what, we're going to look into the aftermath in a bit more detail a bit further into the blog. Regardless, a big THANK YOU to everyone who has joined and GOOD LUCK, as you're all going to need it! If your not playing yet click here to get started!

Astro Empires's blog has been given a makeover to bring it's skin into line with our community forum and portal. It's looking pretty cool I must say! Do give us some feedback on the new skin in the comment section.

Astro Empires has been opened up to millions more possible players with the launch of Norwegian as our latest language. A special thanks to zero_innocent, Lord Sephiroth, vevlaa and Jack_ONeill for all their hard work making this possible.

Finally Astro Empires has made another leap in our notoriety with being included in's listing of browser games. Have a wee look at their article here.

sneak_peakOne of our new sections will be a sneak peak at something new coming soon to Astro Empires. It might be massive and earth shattering change, or it might be small. This time we do have something sizable for you!

Our new programmer, Mike, joined Astro Empires in September and he has been busy working on a new interactive map for the game, with zoom, span, fleets display, etc... That means no more page loading to go from galaxy to region or jumping from far off locations. This should make it much easier to track of our fleets and bases. The Volunteers have been testing a prototype of the map on our development server so you can guess how close we are to getting this out for you guys!

We won't be removing the old map, there will be an option to keep the old static map if you prefer. Have a wee look at this image I sneaked out of HQ.

Liking the look of it? Let us know in the comments section!

Each blog we're going to look in depth at a feature or aspect of Astro Empires. This time, having just launched Juno lets put Astro Empires latest server under the stoplight. This is Juno, the aftermath, in depth!

As we know November 20th saw the launch of Astro Empires 10th server and it was our most successful launch yet! Over 7,000 players had signed within the first week. Today we're over 8,000 and still growing! You looking at joining? Well now is the time to jump in and get involved. Click here to do so. Already playing? Why not get involved on the AEWiki and get your guild listed? Click here to get involved.

So, how is Juno doing as a server? Here are some random stats Wizard pulled from the server today to show you guys how it's going!

Max number of bases: 11
Max level of shipyards: 17
Max level of spaceports: 16
Advanced commander level: 7
Most advanced Armour level: 18

Someone is already up to a level 7 commander? Boy, someone has been spending the past two weeks swinging his fists! We are aware that there is still some lag issues on the server but bare with us as we work on this, we're doing what we can and with the high level of activity it's slowing things down!

So what's next? Well the speed server is well under way and being worked on feverishly by Wizard and the guys. We'll be taking a look at it before it launch. Watch this space for details!

Alright guys, that's all this time around. Till next time, Adeus!