Happy Holidays from Astro Empires!

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Hi guys,

In case you missed the frightfully cheery music in almost every department store in the Northern hemisphere it's Christmas time. I'm writing to you today, snowed in and -10c (14f) outside. Oh the joys of this time of year! At HQ they're shivering in the practically baltic 10c (50f). Might not sound too cold to you and me but to the Portuguese it's pretty darn cold!


As usual during this time of the year, Astro Empires is offering a few Christmas gifts to our players! This year we will be offering some neat AE posters (84 x 40 cm) to 5 lucky people chosen randomly from our players database. The winners will be announced tomorrow on our portal. Good luck!


Not everyone can get a free poster but you still want something? Well not all is lost, there are still a couple of days to enter our December contest for the chance to win some free upgrades. Click here to get involved! 

Still looking for a good present for a friend? Why not give an AE upgrade as a present? What better present could there be than the gift of gaming :-)

In other news Goldmine, a player in Fenix has achieved something pretty impressive. He managed to get 14 bases in 5 days, something that definitely bodes well for the guys future here in AE. Have you beaten this record yourself? Let us know in the comments! ;-) 

Now before we go I'll leave you with a photo from my home city and the river Foyle. For the first time in 40 years it's frozen fully over, here is a photo of the river (length of a football pitch) the day before the freezing was complete. Let me say again, ITS COLD AND I MISS THE SUMMMER!


Finally, from myself and the whole team have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a bountiful Bodhi day, a prayerful Al-Hijira, a relaxing Yule or just a great day! Adeus!